Argumentative essay係DSE每年都會考嘅文體,亦係同學仔好中意挑戰嘅文體,不過要攞高分並唔係咁容易。等Wall Street English提供5**佳句examples,再逐步同大家拆解argumentative essay應該點做啦


1. Title

  • XXX is a must
  • No more tolerance for XXX
  • XXX – call for abstinence
  • XXX: a friend or a foe? 
  • Is XXX a boon or a bane? 
  • XXX — a blessing or a curse? 
  • Hot tips on XXX
  • XXX makes a difference


2. Opening

I. Hook

  • XXX has become the hot topic of town lately.
  • With just a few clicks on your screen, you can see photos and articles about XXX flooding your news feed.
  • XXX has been hitting the headlines these days.
  • A heated debate on whether … has been raging in the city.

II. Elaboration

  • Some say … while others point out that …
  • There is a diverse spectrum of opinions of …
  • The advocates cling to the idea … while critics frown upon…

III. Expository

  • Both sides of the controversy are supported by concrete reasons.
  • It is worthwhile to investigate the issue to judge whether it is desirable for people to …
  • This essay is to explore both sides of the argument and conclude whether it is advisable for people to …


3. Body paragraph 

  • Every coin has two sides
  • A double-edged sword cuts both ways


4. Counter arguments 

  • Critics put forward the idea that…. However, I am certain that…
  • The argument might seem to be reasonable superficially. Upon deeper inspection, it does not hold.


5. Conclusion 

  • Without a shadow of doubt, XXX should be always banned.
  • Under no circumstances shall we watch the fading of XXX with folded arms.
  • All the above bring us to the conclusion that …
  • Taking all the aspects into account, it is my firm belief that …


By memorizing the above examples, you can write a fabulous argumentative essay easily.