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Hi there, I’m Jenna and welcome to Wall Street’s “Two-Minute English”. Today, I’ll give you some examples of Food Adjectives:


Food is one of the basic necessities of life. There are many words that can be used to create tasteful images for those who listen to or read our descriptions. 


Sweets satisfy the desire for sugary delights in the human diet. Here are some words that help to create clear descriptions of sweets:


An intense sweet taste that tastes like sugar.
Example: The candies were too sugary for me to enjoy.



The adjectives in this section will help you to share your dairy tasting experience with others.


Soft and smooth in texture with a cream-like taste.
Example: I had a taste of a deliciously creamy yogurt at the snack counter yesterday.


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Vegetables are a crucial part of the healthy diet. As with other foods, the taste of vegetables depend on the method used to prepare them. The adjectives below help to create a true picture of the taste of these foods.


Having a hard but easily crunched consistency. This word is often used to describe vegetables such as fresh lettuce and pak choi.
Example: Crispy fresh lettuce pieces garnished the main course.


An unpleasant taste- the opposite of sweet. 
Example: The slightly bitter carrots were rejected by the toddler.



Fruits come in a variety of types and each type has its own unique taste.. The words in these sections describe some of the flavors that people taste in the fruits they eat.


This word is often used to describe citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and tangerines, which naturally have citric acid.
Example: Lemon is so acidic that it is often used for cleaning purposes.


An unpleasant taste. A fruit can have a naturally sour taste but the word is also used to describe the smell or taste of a fruit that has gone bad.
Example a: The apples fell and stayed in heaps under the trees until they became sour.
Example b: Limes are naturally sour and that is why they are an excellent addition to drinks and other recipes.



Meat can be described as follows:


Richly seasoned with peppers and spices.
Example: The meal of spicy sautéed beef strips with sweet peppers and carrots was a hit at the food fair last week.


A piece of meat that has no fat. 
Example: Sharon searched for a lean cut of beef for the gourmet recipe.


Allowed to soak in seasonings and spices. This word is used to describe meat that has been thoroughly seasoned and then allowed to sit in the seasoning to enhance its flavor.
Example: the herb marinated barbecued chicken was served with a tossed salad.


Consisting of hard but chewable parts.
Example: The nuts in the salad were a great addition as it might it quite crunchy and delicious.


Well, that’s all for this week’s “Two-Minute English”. Bye-bye.


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