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Hi there! I’m Louis, from Wall Street English. Today I’m going to talk about 3 Business English phrases to describe charts and figures. Let’s start:


During situations like, group presentations, meetings and special events please ensure you use formal English. Try to avoid slang (short-language) during these situations.


While presenting different facts or figures in charts or tables, you may want to use some of the following words to emphasize important key moments.



to rise extremely quickly or make quick progress towards success.


“Our sales figure skyrocketed this month, compared to last month”


“Apple share prices skyrocketed, upon the announcement of their new innovative product”


Alternatively you can use the saying “through the roof” to have a similar effect.


Steep decline:

sudden or dramatic decrease within a short period of time.


“After the introduction of smart phones, nokia saw a steep decline in sales”


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a word with multiple meanings, for business terms when something or someone is steady it represents stability, established, balanced and not moving.


“Even with a team of new staff, figures have remained steady”


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