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Hi, I’m Jenna and I’m a teacher at Wall Street English. Today we are going to be talking about our Favourite Ice Cream Flavors.

We all have a favorite ice cream flavor. Sure, we’ll try a new scoop every now and then, but there’s always that one we crave above the rest. Is there any way to pick one, the best one? No, probably not. Let’s go through the popular choices together:


1. Coffee

When you have a palate that appreciates good coffee and good ice cream, it’s a natural leap to think of coffee ice cream. This delicious blend may carry a very strong flavor but still, a nice caffeine pick me up while indulging in ice cream is kind of a win, win.


2. Strawberry

You can’t beat a nice, fresh strawberry ice cream to lighten up a summer day. Plus it’s fruit — that’s healthy, right?


3. Mint Chocolate Chip 

Chocolate chips aren’t the main ingredient here, except this time we’re dealing with some serious flavor by tossing the vanilla and bringing in green mint. This one is a powerhouse of flavors with the crunchy and slightly bitter dark chocolate balancing nicely with the menthol sweetness of mint. And it’s green. That’s just more fun.


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4. Vanilla

Regular old vanilla ranks is one of the most popular choices especially if you’re preparing something like a pie a la mode or a nice Neapolitan ice cream mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. On its own, it will always be the best.


5. Chocolate

A stone-cold classic, chocolate ice cream is also a building block for many a great ice cream flavors. But on its own, it’s still chocolate. And chocolate in ice cream is just perfect.


6. Cookies and Cream

My favourite! It’s just basically Oreo ice cream without the branding. The chocolate cookie crunch and creamy sugar filling make for a topnotch ice cream that’s easy to accept as the best ice cream out there.


That’s all for this time. Goodbye.