The secret of getting stars in DSE paper 2 is a rich variety of vocabulary, which means you cannot use the same words or expressions again and again. If you want to write about your disagreement or objection towards an issue, what would you use to replace ‘do not agree with something’ ? You can read on to figure out the answer!


Be against

Some are against the protection of intangible cultural heritage items as those items are not helping economic needs of the city, yet wasting the effort to preserve them.


Be opposed to

It is noticed that staff are opposed to long working hours because of a lack of resting time.


Be at odds

I am at odds over the cancellation of the policy of reporting students’ class position due to several advantages that it brings.



I object to the view that watching TV makes us smarter due to imbalanced qualities between programs.


Opposing policies or ideas are very common in DSE paper 2, so be prepared for it!


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