When you are already taken, you may want to share it with others. Do you want to know any useful expressions for that?  Here come both formal and informal phrases to say that you are off the market! No matter you are having a crush on someone, deeply in love, or waiting for the right person, you can always get yourself prepared. Let’s start from learning the phrases below!


Be together : start dating someone

It has always been you. We are meant to be together.


Having a romantic relationship with sb. : (formal) two people commit to each other and start dating

It’s hard to imagine, but I am having a romantic relationship with my best friend.


Going out with sb. : (informal) to go on a date with someone

Going out with him since last summer, I never thought anything could be better.


Settle down : to stay in a place you intended (usually with your partner)

All I have been looking for is someone like you to settle down with me.


Significant other : usually someone (regardless of gender) who has romantic relationship with you

 You are my significant other, now and forever.


You can have them posted on Instagram or Facebook, sharing your joy of being in love!


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