Have you ever wondered what word should be used to pay compliment to your colleagues when you truly find them hard-working? It is important to know that lauding their work performance and showing your appreciation towards their work attitudes can really make their day! Let’s learn about the appropriate words for compliment together!

1) Conscientious

She is a conscientious manager who devotes her time and energy to work and motivates her colleagues.

2) Diligent

She is really diligent about her work and so she often works till very late.

3) Prudent

The prudent president consults a financial advisor to make sure he invests his savings wisely.

4) Proactive

He suggested a proactive approach towards promotion of products which was impressively successful.

5) Dedicated

He is a thoughtful president who is dedicated to improving the working environment for employees.


Now, it’s your time to give compliment to people around you!


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