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18 10, 2021

General English: What is the meaning of ‘cook the books’? Are you confused with the meaning of phrases like this?

18/10/2021|Categories: Daily|

Sometimes when we learn English, we cannot simply read it literally as we could mistake it for another meaning. For example, when someone tells you that she is ‘under the weather’ today. It’s not that she is really ‘under the weather’, rather it means that she is feeling sick! Let’s take a look at some phrases which cannot be literally translated!

8 10, 2021

7 IELTS must use sentences to express ‘for example’ in other ways!

8/10/2021|Categories: IELTS|

Giving examples can help you strengthen the argument persuasiveness and achieve a more ideal score! So, what phrases should we use to give examples in both IELTS writing and oral exams? Here are 7 useful phrases!

6 10, 2021

Never realized the difference between ‘take sb in’ and ‘take sth in’? They are completely different by adding sb or sth (part 1)!

6/10/2021|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|

In English, the same phrasal verb can have completely different meanings to describe people and things, such as ‘give away’. You may think its meaning is only to give a freebie to sb, but in fact, it has another meaning. Have you heard it before?

4 10, 2021

IELTS Speaking: Is ‘I like’ the only expression you use to talk about sth you are fond of? 7 ways to replace ‘like’!

4/10/2021|Categories: IELTS|

Many IELTS Speaking topics, especially in Part 1, ask about your daily life. For example, what activities you like, or do you like your job. In addition to ‘I like...’, what can you say to express your preference?

30 9, 2021


30/9/2021|Categories: IELTS, informative|Tags: |

考生視乎目的,報考適合自己的 IELTS 考試。報名前,應向要求你提供 IELTS 成績的機構查詢哪一種 IELTS 考試合乎資格。這裡歸納了不同的 IELTS 考試類別讓大家參考。

29 9, 2021

DSE English: Practical and easy to memorize! Various phrases beginning with prepositions (On, For, From)

29/9/2021|Categories: DSE|

Another article with phrases beginning with prepositions! Here is a question: do you know how we say ‘temporary’ in another way? Is it ‘on/for/from the moment’? Scroll down and find the answer!

27 9, 2021

DSE Reading: Common Homographs! They are both adjectives, but they have different meanings!

27/9/2021|Categories: DSE|

We mentioned that the same word can have different meanings when it is used as a verb or a noun. In fact, homographs can also apply to adjectives. For example, do you know the word ‘humble’ can be used to describe a place apart from saying a person who is not proud? Learn these words so that you can have a better understanding of the DSE English Reading!

24 9, 2021

DSE Paper 2: Writing pros and cons in an argumentative essay! Are you repeatedly using ‘advantage’ and ‘disadvantage’?

24/9/2021|Categories: DSE|

The advantage and disadvantage question has always been a popular topic in the DSE English Writing exam. Genre of writing such as argumentative essay always request students to compare advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try using these 8 words apart from ‘advantage’ and ‘disadvantage’!

23 9, 2021

Must-read for working professionals if you’d like to fully understand what your colleagues and clients are talking about!

23/9/2021|Categories: Business|

Many English expressions can be used in specific contexts without carrying their literal meaning, which can easily confuse people. If you’d like to avoid misunderstanding what your boss, colleagues, or clients are talking about, let’s study some examples together!

20 9, 2021

Business English: How can ‘table’ be used as a verb? What does “on/off the table” mean?

20/9/2021|Categories: Business|

If you’ve thought that ‘table’ can only be used as a noun, check this out! The word can also be used as a verb and convey two different meanings. Also, there are English phrases related to table, for example, ‘keep a good table’. Do you know what it means?

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