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12 4, 2021

Short and sweet! 7 popular workplace abbreviations you need to know

12/4/2021|Categories: Business|

As a fresh graduate who just started working, have you ever struggled with guessing the meaning of those shortened forms of phrases in emails? In workplace English, we use abbreviations to shorten common sentences to save time. This post will show you some of the most commonly used abbreviations in a business emails.

9 4, 2021

Preposition errors: Common mistakes with prepositions (Part 1)

9/4/2021|Categories: IELTS|

From time to time people might make a mistake with the preposition they have chosen to use. Whilst English speakers will still understand what you are trying to say, being able to use the correct ones will make your English sound a lot more fluent and natural. In this section, we are going to be looking at some common mistakes you need to avoid in your IELTS writing and speaking tests.

7 4, 2021

Even though, even if…How to use “even” in writing?

7/4/2021|Categories: DSE|

We found that a lot of students struggle with using “even” in a sentence no matter both their writing and speaking tests. Today, we have summarized the most common ways to use “even” in a sentence, including “even though”, “even if” and more.

10 3, 2021

English grammar: 5 common contrast words and how to use them

10/3/2021|Categories: DSE|

Contrast words are commonly used in academic writings, especially argumentative essays. It seems that they are pretty similar in meaning, like but, although and, however. Actually, they are different in use. We are going to go through the correct use of those words.

8 3, 2021

“Whether” versus “if”: What’s the difference?

8/3/2021|Categories: DSE|

IF and whether are commonly used to join two sentences together and should be commonly used in both writing and speaking tests. Do you know the difference between them? If and whether are often interchangeable, but not always. Let’s look at under what condition we use “whether” and “if”.

5 3, 2021

Business English: 6 common phrases you need to know in the workplace

5/3/2021|Categories: Business|

Do you want to speak English in business meetings like a true professional? Use these phrases in business matters, they will help you to speak professionally which can help you to advance your career.

3 3, 2021

How to level up your vocabulary for job interview with action words

3/3/2021|Categories: Business|

In job interviews, candidates may get nervous and sometimes forget their words when the interviewer asked a question. This can be especailly challenging when English is not your first language, your performance may be affected by your nervousness.

1 3, 2021

8 Phrasal Verbs about “Solving Problems” You Must Know

1/3/2021|Categories: Business|

I’m sure that many of you have encountered difficulties at work. Do you know how to explain the problem to your colleagues or clients? Here are 8 useful phrasal verbs you can use to talk about “solving problems”!

26 2, 2021

What is the difference between ‘see’, ‘look’ and ‘watch’?

26/2/2021|Categories: Daily|

We have learnt see, watch and look since we are small. They all verbs that we use to describe how we are using our eyes. Of course, there are actually differences when it comes to usage. Let’s learn the differences between the 3 of them!

24 2, 2021

What kind of baking do we have? Only bread?

24/2/2021|Categories: Daily|

Bread is one of the major sources of carbohydrates in many European countries and it is often the main part of the meal. Bagels have been becoming more popular and this has helped to popularize bread. Other than the well known croissants, bagels and donuts, there are actually many more different types of bread. Let’s learn the following bread type today!

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