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27 1, 2023

IELTS must-know: differences between British and American English (1)

27/1/2023|Categories: Exam, IELTS|

Do you find it confusing whether to use British or American English in the IELTS exams? As a matter of fact, the examiners of the speaking test are from different countries, even the recordings in the listening exam could be of different accents. As a result, learning the differences between British and American English is of paramount importance. Let Wall Street English walk you through the major differences between them in terms of their spellings.

19 1, 2023

How to do IELTS Writing Task 1 Introduction apart from saying “the graph shows…”?

19/1/2023|Categories: Exam, IELTS|

When it comes to IELTS Writing Task 1 where we need to describe the trends of the graphs, most of the candidates only use “the graph shows” for introduction. Having been used millions of times, this kind of sentence certainly will not earn you high marks. So, how can we do better? Let Wall Street English give you some examples.

16 1, 2023

Common grammatical mistakes found in DSE

16/1/2023|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Grammar mistakes may affect your marks in DSE. It is important to make sure that your writings are error-free. Today, Wall Street English compiled 5 common grammar errors made by DSE students. Let’s see if you made any of these mistakes!

9 1, 2023

What is polysemy? Words that have more than one meaning

9/1/2023|Categories: DSE|

In the DSE, we always come across some words that have more than one meaning. Sometimes, we need to guess the hidden meaning of the words. Today, Wall Street English prepared 5 polysemy words you must know. These words have different meanings when they are in countable form and uncountable form.

4 1, 2023

Apart from “more and more”, 10 other common phrases with an “and” in between

4/1/2023|Categories: Daily|

10 common and easy phrases with an “and” in between to make your English sounds more native. In English, we often see some phrases with an “and” in between two words having similar meanings, like “more and more”, “hustle and bustle”. Let’s learn some more with Wall Street English!

30 12, 2022

10 idioms to replace “difficulties”

30/12/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

“Difficulties” is a common word used by DSE students. Are there other expressions to replace “difficulties”? Wall Street English will teach you 10 idioms that you can say when you are in trouble.

23 12, 2022

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to describe the trends in the graphs?

23/12/2022|Categories: Exam, IELTS|

In the IELTS Writing Task 1, you will be tested on the ability to interpret and describe the information presented in a graph, diagram, chart or table. You are most often required to describe the trends in a graph. However, most of the students struggle and waste their valuable time at this part as they do not know where to start from. Here, Wall Street English will provide 5 skills to direct your way towards describing the trends in the graphs.

20 12, 2022

[節日英語] 聖誕節及新年祝賀語 再教識你節日相關詞語

20/12/2022|Categories: Daily|

又到聖誕!又到聖誕!淨係識講Merry Christmas and Happy New Year祝福親友?等Wall Street English教你多D祝賀語句,為你嘅摰愛送上無限祝福。

13 12, 2022

Do not use “laugh die me”! How to say “laugh die me” in English?

13/12/2022|Categories: Daily|

“Laugh die me”, “LOL”, “siu4” are some popular internet slangs used by the youngsters. Do you know the proper ways to express “laugh die me”? Learn 6 English expressions to replace “laugh die me” with Wall Street English and speak native English!   1. Hilarious If you want to respond to someone’s joke or actions, [...]

5 12, 2022

Workplace presentation (3): Useful phrases and sentences

5/12/2022|Categories: Business|

How to deliver a decent presentation? What should I say during a presentation? If you have questions as such, don’t worry! Wall Street English will help you by giving you the best phrases and examples for each part of your presentation and help you to handle every situation well. Do not be afraid of presentations anymore!

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