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18 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn!(2)

18/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Daily, Idioms|Tags: |

There are so many idioms about sleeping, and here are the 10 idioms that you must learn! How to wake someone up without saying ‘get up’? Is there idiom that can describe someone wake up and sleep early? What does it mean by getting up on the wrong side of the bed? If you have no clue about the answer to the above question, you can find them below!

16 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn! (1)

16/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Daily, Idioms|Tags: |

Different people may get used to different kinds of sleeping habits, so the idioms about sleeping are of rick variety too! Do you know how to describe someone who is always moving around during sleep? What are forty winks? How to say someone is staying up all night for doing things? This article can definitely help!

14 10, 2019

5 phrases about sleeping you should know!

14/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

Sleeping occupies one-third of our day, making it so important for us. There are a lot of words that we can use to describe sleeping other than the word ‘sleep’. Let’s check out the words below to make sure you can understand more about your sleeping habits!

11 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : Avoiding blame makes you a leader

11/10/2019|Categories: Business, Conversation|Tags: , |

Whenever you work in a company, things don’t always go right.  Shipments come late, angry clients leave disparaging comments, and sometimes an accident happens at just the wrong time.  Once that happens, it can really show who the leaders are, and who the cantankerous curmudgeons are.

9 10, 2019

Travel English: Essential English sentences for travelers! (Dining)

9/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Travel|Tags: , |

If you are visiting a restaurant during your trip, you may need to make a reservation in advance. And in the restaurant, you need to order the food in English as well. Are you familiar with doing the above things in English? You don’t have to panic! This passage can help you with the lines that you need so that you can enjoy your food at that perfect moment!

9 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : Phrasal Verbs – to use or not to use?

9/10/2019|Categories: Grammar, Phrasal-Verbs|Tags: |

In English, many people like to use phrasal verbs when talking and writing.  For many, it is simply easier and more natural to utilize these words.  Some examples might be to look up, ask for, or put off.  Once again, it’s very normal for people to use these phrasal verbs.  However, in a formal setting like an email or a meeting with superiors, it may be better to use formal language.  This sets the tone and makes you seem more professional even though the meaning of the words are exactly the same.

7 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : How to win people’s heart in a job interview?

7/10/2019|Categories: Business, Conversation|Tags: , |

Whenever you are fortunate enough to be given an interview, obviously the right impression is the key to whether you get the job, or not.  So, with that consideration, the key is how can you, as the interviewee leave the best impression.  It is not only your level of English, but also your ability to use certain persuasion tools which will be discussed below.

5 10, 2019

Travel English: Essential English sentences for travelers! (Accommodation)

5/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Travel|Tags: , |

After landing, the next destination would probably be the hotel. Do you know how to talk to the staff so that they can understand your needs in English? How can you request room service? What if you want a maid to help to tidy up your room? This passage can surely help you by providing common requests in English.

3 10, 2019

Travel English : Essential English sentences for travelers! (Asking the way)

3/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Travel|Tags: , |

It seems that Google Map can bring you anywhere you want. But, if the GPS isn’t working so accurately, you may get lost easily. So, you should learn to ask the way in English in advance. Not by body language, but to ask the pedestrians for the correct direction! Look at the tips below and mark them down for your next trip!

30 9, 2019

Travel English – Essential English sentences for travelers! (Photo-taking)

30/9/2019|Categories: Conversation, Travel|Tags: , |

No matter if you are enjoying your solo trip or traveling with family and friends, you may want to take a picture to record your travel moments! So, you may need to ask the pedestrians or other tourists for help. Do you know how to ask them to take photos in the way that you want in English? Check out the passage for useful Travel English that suits you!

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