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22 9, 2022

Useful Idioms for the IETLS Speaking Exam

22/9/2022|Categories: IELTS|

If you want to get a band 7 or above in the IELTS Speaking test, you must show the examiner that you have mastered a wide range of vocabulary and know how to use idioms when necessary. However, lots of people know very little about idioms. Today, Wall Street English will provide 7 common idioms that you can use in the IELTS speaking exam to get high marks.

20 9, 2022

IETLS Speaking Part 0: ID check and Greetings

20/9/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Many people focus on the answering skills and simply skip the greetings' part when preparing for the IELTS Speaking test. However, this part is just as important as it may affect the impression you left on the examiner. So, be well prepared and learn how to answer the part 0 question with Wall Street English!

15 9, 2022

Still using the word “hard-working”? 7 idioms to replace “hard-working”

15/9/2022|Categories: DSE|

Ever since we were little, we were taught to use the word “hard-working” when we had to describe someone who is motivated to work tirelessly for a long period of time. Learn 7 idioms to describe replace “hard-working” and improve your vocabulary bank!

13 9, 2022

Advanced vocab to help you upgrade your DSE English writing

13/9/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Advanced vocab to help you get 5** your DSE English writing. Brilliant vocabulary plays an important role in getting high marks for your writing in DSE. But a lot of students are still using simple words like “very”, “worsen”, “huge" and fail to get high marks in the language part. To write 5** essays, learn the following high-level words.

9 9, 2022

10 common office phrases you must know for workplace communication

9/9/2022|Categories: Business|

English is the major language of international businesses. It is crucial for us to learn the common expressions in the workplace that people use on a daily basis. To help you excel in your work, Wall Street English is going to teach you 10 of the common phrases.

7 9, 2022

Scorching summer! Let’s learn some idioms related to summer!

7/9/2022|Categories: Daily|

Welcome to the hot summer days! As the longest season throughout the entire year, there are also lot of idioms related to summer. Let's learn some of those and show off your English in front of your friends!

5 9, 2022

How to respond to the gratitude from others? Are there other ways of expressing “you’re welcome”?

5/9/2022|Categories: Daily|

We knew how to express our gratitude towards others. But do you know how to respond to others’ gratitude? Or what should we say when accepting apologies? Some say we could use “you’re welcome” or “never mind” in these situations. Notwithstanding, these two phrases are not appropriate in all situations. Sometimes, we need to use other ways of expressions.

31 8, 2022

How to paraphrase in IELTS exam? 5 methods of paraphrasing

31/8/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Paraphrasing is an essential skill in the IELTS exam. In the writing tasks, we must avoid using repetitive words and phrases. While in the speaking exam, we must paraphrase the questions raised by the examiner. But what exactly is paraphrasing? How do we paraphrase? Paraphrase means to simply repeat something written or spoken by using different words or phrases. It is easy to learn! Here are 5 methods of paraphrasing.

17 8, 2022

How to get high marks in IELTS Speaking? 5 simple tips to extend your answers

17/8/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Students often ask how long the answers should be in the IELTS Speaking Part 1. The key is to keep the answers simple but concrete. Some students may simply respond to the questions straight away without giving any explanations. However, you should extend your answers if you want to get band 7 or above. Wall Street English will provide 5 tips for you to extend your answers in Speaking exams.

12 8, 2022

DSE Writing: 5 must-learn sentence patterns

12/8/2022|Categories: DSE|

It is always important to comprehend the use of different sentence structures. Still, many students are using the simplest form, “Subject-Verb-Object" (SVO) in their sentence structure, which will continue failing to earn them high marks. Today, let’s learn 5 practical sentence patterns and improve our DSE writing skills!

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