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28 7, 2021

DSE English: 4 useful words to replace ‘harm’. Write precisely!

28/7/2021|Categories: DSE|

We hope you are doing well in preparing your DSE English! Sometimes, we will see a topic related to ‘health’ in all paper 1-4, and we may talk about ‘a harm to health’. We have prepared some similar words to ‘harm’ for you to have more precise writing!

26 7, 2021

DSE Paper 1, 2: Difference between ‘Try to do’ and ‘Try doing’? Review 4 common verbs followed by a to-infinitive or -ing form!

26/7/2021|Categories: DSE|

Many of you should remember some verbs followed by a to-infinitive or the –ing form, for example, ‘enjoy doing’ and ‘hope to’. Today, we would like to explain the differences between using the to-infinitive and the –ing form for 4 words, ‘try’, ‘mean’, ‘remember’, and ‘stop’. You may have learned in the past, but could you remember? Let’s revise with us!

23 7, 2021

General English: What does ‘a lot on my plate’ actually mean? Remember 6 idioms related to household items!

23/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

Most people stay at home because of the Covid-19 and look at household items every day. Have you ever imagined that these items can be used for idioms? Let's learn some of them today!

21 7, 2021

General English: 6 easy sentences that express ‘ok’!

21/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

In daily life, whether responding to or agreeing with somebody, we will always use ‘ok’. How about trying to use other expressions instead of ‘ok’?

19 7, 2021

What is the difference between ‘custom‘ and ‘customs‘? The meaning changes with and without ‘s’!

19/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

A word becomes plural by adding a suffix - ‘s’. Additionally, do you know the meanings of some English words will change if we add the suffix ‘s’? Let’s learn some examples with us today!

16 7, 2021

Business English: A little quiz! Any other expressions you can think of apart from ‘Get well soon’?

16/7/2021|Categories: Business|

Have you experienced a situation that when your colleague is sick, and you want to express your worries and concern, yet you can only remember the phrase ‘get well soon’? Let’s take a look at other useful expressions!

14 7, 2021

Business English: 5 words that start with R to describe the ‘Recover’ of a situation!

14/7/2021|Categories: Business|

The COVID-19 pandemic has been lasting for more than one year, and there is a serious economic impact on the global markets. We hope that the epidemic would pass, and the economy could be recovered very soon. Today, let’s talk about some words that describe ‘recover’!

12 7, 2021

Business English: The project has been temporarily delayed or canceled? How can we describe in English alternatively?

12/7/2021|Categories: Business|

When working, you may occasionally experience situations such as canceling a meet, or face-to-face activities are postponed or canceled under the epidemic. Today, we would tell you how to explain to the customers or colleagues that something is canceled or ceased.   1. Scrap   We are going to Australia on business, but have to [...]

9 7, 2021

IELTS Speaking: How to reach 7+ bands? Useful words for common topics! (Study-related)

9/7/2021|Categories: IELTS|

The third IELTS topic we are going to introduce is about ‘studies’. Especially for current students, the examiner may be likely to ask you questions about your studies or campus life. Let’s learn a few words today!

7 7, 2021

IELTS Speaking: How to reach 7+ bands? Useful words for common topics! (Hobbies-related)

7/7/2021|Categories: IELTS|

Last time, we taught about useful phrases related to ‘work’. And today let us introduce hobbies-related words! When the examiner asks you about your hobbies, or what you usually do in your leisure time, but you can only answer ‘I like/ I enjoy...’? Today, we are going to tell you 6 words to enrich your vocabulary related to ‘hobbies’, which helps you elaborate on your answers!

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