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28 9, 2020

What is the difference among “consistent”, “constant” and “persistent”?

28/9/2020|Categories: DSE, Exam|

We have received some feedback from students saying that they are struggling with distinguishing the words which have similar meanings. In this series, we are going to look at these words and provide you with detailed explanations of how to use them in your writing. Today, we are going to talk about consistent, constant and persistent.

25 9, 2020

What is the difference between “solve” and “resolve the problem”?

25/9/2020|Categories: DSE, Exam|

In DSE paper 2 and 4, the questions often require candidates to discuss on an issue and give out your opinion and feasible solutions. “Solve” and “resolve “are the most highly-used verbs when it comes to dealing with problems or issues. Here is the explanation of how to these two words. "Solve" and "resolve" both mean "to deal with" in the Chinese dictionary, but they differ slightly in English contexts.

23 9, 2020

Writing tips: How to translation the Chinese proverbs into English?

23/9/2020|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Have you ever struggled to translate the Chinese proverbs into English in your writing? There may not be the exact equivalent of some Chinese proverbs in the English, but you can try to convey their meanings using simple English sentences.

21 9, 2020

Many food items can appear in English expressions, but their meanings aren’t always taken literally

21/9/2020|Categories: Daily, Idioms, Phrasal-Verbs|

There are many idioms about food, for example the one we always hear is ‘the apple of my eye’. This means the person is adored by someone. Isn’t that fascinating? Let’s learn 8 food idioms today!

18 9, 2020

Ten sentences to reply to ‘Thank you’, so you do not have to say ‘You’re welcome!’ anymore!

18/9/2020|Categories: Daily|

When we hear ‘Thank you’, we usually reply ‘you’re welcome!’. However, there are many other ways of saying this in English. Let’s learn the following 8 sentences to reply to ‘Thank you!’

16 9, 2020

These are words commonly used to describe different ways of cutting

16/9/2020|Categories: Daily|

Some form of ‘cutting’ is involved when preparing meals at home. However, if we only know the word ‘cut’, we may not be able to accurately follow the steps in English recipes. Let’s learn the following 8 verbs about it!

14 9, 2020

How to nail the question “Any questions?” in a job interview

14/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

Do you know the key to excelling in a job interview? Graduation season is coming! Fresh graduates are going to start job-hunting. The hiring manager will give you a lot of valuable information about this position. As the conversation is ending, they ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” It’s very important to ask questions because it gives you a chance to show your interest and give the HR a memorable final impression.

11 9, 2020

These expressions help you to rephrase your complaint about work!

11/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

Anything can happen at work. Sometimes you want to complain to your colleagues or clients. Therefore, let us give you some English tips for rephrasing work-related complaints to laugh at someone in an unkind way.

9 9, 2020

Saying “emm…” all the time? You need to know these gap fillers said by native speakers!

9/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

During conversations, sometimes you don’t know what to say. Especially when we speak English continuously, we hesitate in the middle and search for words to be used. Then conversation may become a bit awkward and you will find it difficult to continue. Let’s learn about the gap fillers that native speakers use to bridge the conversation!

7 9, 2020

IELTS tips: Useful ideas and opinions for Writing Part 2 (Nature)

7/9/2020|Categories: Exam, IELTS|

IELTS writing only has one hour, which suggests that candidates are expected to use at least 40 minutes for task 2. You don’t have much time to spend on brainstorming the points for your argument. This article is for students who want to go into the writing exam feeling confident that they have excellent ideas, opinions and vocabulary for as many topics as possible.

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