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14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: Striking for 5**! Words to replace ‘strange’

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As DSE paper 2 often mentions about some social phenomenon or discussions regarding policy-making, you may need to point out an absurd point of view from the opposite side. Without using ‘strange’, can you immediately think of other words to replace it? Let’s start with this step and begin with our journey to 5**!

14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: 4 expressions that can replace ‘do not agree with something’

14/8/2019|Categories: DSE, Exam|

The secret of getting stars in DSE paper 2 is a rich variety of vocabulary, which means you cannot use the same words or expressions again and again. If you want to write about your disagreement or objection towards an issue, what would you use to replace ‘do not agree with something’ ? You can read on to figure out the answer!

14 8, 2019

Tornado juice is too good to be true! Learn these English expressions before getting to the bar!

14/8/2019|Categories: English Test|

When you are travelling, you may want to visit the bar, instead of just sightseeing and eating local food. So, it is important for you to know the English expressions in paying the bill and making orders. Do you know what to say if you want to order the same drink as your friend? If you are interested in it, let’s check out this article!

14 8, 2019


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12 8, 2019

Eat more, learn more! 12 adjectives to describe food that you should know!(2)

12/8/2019|Categories: English Test|

If you are bored with using repeated words to tell the taste and texture of food, or you want to write it out precisely, this article can surely help. You may find that a lack of vocabulary is the major problem, but through reading this, you can learn new adjectives for describing food while eating too!

12 8, 2019


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9 8, 2019

Eat more, learn more! 12 adjectives to describe food that you should know!(1)

9/8/2019|Categories: English Test|

Food reviews are flooding into the internet nowadays. The writings are attractive and mouth-watering, but if you need to write it in English, do you know how to describe the aroma, taste and texture of the food, other than using tasty and delicious? If you wish to learn more, the following may help!

8 8, 2019


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5 8, 2019

Cookery lesson in English! 12 verbs in cooking that you need to know!(1)

5/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

When you are reading recipe in English, have you ever encountered a lot of verbs that are difficult to understand? Or when you want to describe the process of cooking, would it be difficult for you to do so? Now, let’s take a look at some of the useful cooking verbs!!!

2 8, 2019

Cookery lesson in English! 12 verbs in cooking that you need to know!(2)

2/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

Apart from the cooking verbs introduced in the former article, there are still many verbs that you should know! How to instruct people to cook the dish in oven? How to ask people to remove skin from the ingredients? Let’s take a look at those useful cooking verbs below!

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