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30 3, 2020

旅遊英語: 外地睇醫生全攻略!

30/3/2020|Categories: Travel|

宜家出國除咗shopping同睇靚景,仲會有醫療旅遊,因為醫療服務嘅性價比高啲,所以如果有興趣去外地睇醫生,都要先學識同當地醫生用英文對答!另外,出外旅遊都有可能一個小心病咗,到時如果要睇醫生,都唔可以唔識點同佢講有咩病。所以大家都可以一齊學定以下對答先啊! 醫生可能說的對白 We’ll need to run the blood test before making a diagnosis. 在作出診斷前,我們要先檢測血液樣本。 I’d like to keep you here overnight for observation. 你需要留院觀察一晚。 Does it hurt when I press here? 我按這裡的話會痛嗎? Do you have any allergies? 你會對任何藥物敏感嗎? How long have you been feeling this way? 這樣的情況持續多久了? The medicine may make you drowsy. Is it [...]

30 3, 2020

Travel English : Common phrases you should know when visiting a doctor

30/3/2020|Categories: Daily, Travel|

Other than sightseeing and shopping, people may go on a medical trip to get overseas’ treatment too. Therefore, it is crucial for you to communicate well with the doctors there. And if you are sick when traveling, you need to express the sickness in English as well. So, why don’t we check out the common [...]

27 3, 2020


27/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|

出外旅遊可能會聽到車廂或商場廣播,到底喺講緊做得定唔做得?禁止食嘢,唔比用手機之類嘅英文應該點講?想阻止人哋做違規嘅嘢,又可以點同佢講?唔洗驚驚嘅,其實只要善用以下嘅句式,就可以輕鬆KO! It is forbidden to … ……是禁止的。 It is forbidden to enter this area since an accident happened earlier. 嚴禁進入這個地方,是因為一場意外在稍早前發生了。 You are not allowed to … 你不被允許去…… You are not allowed to use mobile phone or other electronic appliances inside the train. 在車廂內是不允許使用電話或任何電子儀器。 You are not permitted to … 你不獲准許去…… You are not permitted to [...]

27 3, 2020

Don’t do that! How to forbid someone to do something in English?

27/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|

When you are traveling in a foreign country, you may realize that the announcement is sometimes related to things that must not be done in that area. For instance, it can be the prohibition of eating and drinking or using mobile phones. You may need the vocabulary and sentence structures below so that you can [...]

27 3, 2020

5 words that you must learn to appreciate others’ kindness without using ‘kind’

27/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|

There must be time when you want to compliment others for their love and care towards other people or things. You can actually praise them without using the word ‘kind’! Let’s learn about some other words to rephrase this! Considerate She is as considerate as angel, who is willing to understand you needs and offer [...]

23 3, 2020

‘Out of the woods’ means walking out of the forest!? MUST-KNOW Idioms relating to nature!

23/3/2020|Categories: Daily|

Nature not only provides us with the magnificent scenery, but many intriguing idioms also lie along the side of it. Does ‘holding out an olive branch’ mean to take out the olive branch according to the literal interpretation? Does ‘Out of the woods’ simply mean to walk out of the forest? How to say deceiving someone in an idiom? Let's find it out below!

21 3, 2020

How’s the weather today!? All you need is this weather vocabulary list! (2)

21/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|

Other than focusing on conversation about weather with others, learning weather vocabulary can also help with watching weather forecast. In case of facing unstable weather condition during travelling, you can have a better understanding by reading or watching the related news. This requires weather words! Here is the words about cloudy, foggy and cold days that you need!

19 3, 2020

How’s the weather today!? All you need is this weather vocabulary list! (1)

19/3/2020|Categories: Daily|

Weather is one of the most common topics between everyone, when you need or want to talk to someone. It’s nearly applicable in every situation. So, why don’t you click in and learn more weather words that you ought to know? After reading this article, you can accurately describe the weather, without using just sunny and cloudy!

16 3, 2020

DSE Paper 4 : Alternative ways to express your opinion other than ‘I think that…’

16/3/2020|Categories: DSE, Exam|

During the oral examination, you are definitely required to express your views or give your stance. So, you should prepare some related sentences for this! How should you deliver your points clearly? What are the useful sentence structures candidate should learn? Let’s check out the following sentence structures that can help you in acing English paper 4!

13 3, 2020

DSE Paper 4: Be careful when using the word ‘suggest’

13/3/2020|Categories: DSE, Exam|

There are often questions that require you to give suggestions in DSE speaking paper. You may need to propose some improvement plans or solutions for a problem. The word ‘suggest’ is usually used in the above situation, but do you know what are the correct ways to use this word? Let’s learn it together and so you can use it freely and appropriately in oral examination!

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