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13 7, 2020

English you should know before going to a café! (2)

13/7/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

Last time we learned the different types of coffee drinks in English. This time, let’s take a look at the English phrases that help you to order ‘your cup of coffee’ accurately and quickly! Master the English related to coffee below!

13 7, 2020

English you should know before going to a café! (1)

13/7/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

‘Coffee or tea?’ There maybe not much coffee choices on the plane, however, there are so many types of coffee drinks in a café! Perhaps you are a coffee lover, but do you know the English of different types of coffee? No idea what’s on the beverage menu? For someone who loves drinking coffee, remember to bookmark this page!

13 7, 2020

DSE Paper 2: How to write a restaurant review? Adjectives for describing food! (1)

13/7/2020|Categories: DSE|

I believe all of you like delicious food, do you know how to write a restaurant review? Apart from adjectives like ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’ and ‘Poor’, there are still lots of vocabularies describing food taste and texture! For this year’s DSE paper 2 examination, candidates were required to write about the food, environment and service quality [...]

2 7, 2020

How to write a complaint letter ? Use these expressions which can help you!

2/7/2020|Categories: English Tips|

Sometimes after you bought something or purchased certain service, you may dissatisfy with their poor quality or how the staff treated you. At that moment, making complaints can be a way out too. This helps the company or shop to understand their problems and you can get compensation based on the reasonable complaints. Let’s learn about how to organize a complaint email or letter.

2 7, 2020

Boba’ love : How to order bubble tea in English?

2/7/2020|Categories: English Tips|

In this era, people are often craving for bubble tea, like fruit bubble tea, classic bubble tea or brown sugar bubble tea. After conquering Hong Kong, the desire for bubble tea is sweeping Japan and the Japanese introduced many fusion foods with bubbles, such as bubble ramen and bubble beer. Yet, do you know how to buy bubble tea in English so that you can have a customized one? Let’s check it out below!

30 6, 2020

Don’t Waste your Free Time! Say Yes to Maximising your English learning

30/6/2020|Categories: English Tips|

An ever-growing number of people today around the world are realizing that they need and want to learn English. But almost everyone is unsure they have enough time to do it. However, recent research carried out by Sapio Research for Wall Street English has shown that people do have more than enough free time but they frequently use it badly.

30 6, 2020

What does ‘to spill the bean’ refer to? Get to know more about the idioms regarding keeping and spilling secrets!

30/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|

Idioms in English are often tricky as they have figurative meanings and the actual meanings. This article is focusing on idioms about keeping and spilling secrets. Do you know how to tell others to keep a secret in idiom? What is the idiom to accuse someone of spilling the secret? What is the true meaning for ‘my lips are sealed’? Is it to keep or to spill the mysterious information? If you want to know about the secrets in these idioms, just click on and find it out!

19 6, 2020

Learning English through idioms : The 10 interesting idioms about flies! (2)

19/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

If you can master the field of idioms, it would be a great surprise to a lot of native speakers, as idioms are a crucial component in English. Do you know the meaning of breaking a butterfly on a wheel? What does it mean to describe people by the idiom ‘bee’s knee’? Let’s click on to check them out!  

17 6, 2020

Learning English through idioms : The 10 interesting idioms about flies!(1)

17/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

There are a larger number of idioms that exist in the English world so it can be one of the interesting ways to learn English without just reciting grammar and vocabulary. Do you know what means by having a bee in your bonnet? Is the fly on the wall describing a real scene? Let’s check them out by learning these idioms about flies!

13 6, 2020

The common English terms for skin care products and cosmetics

13/6/2020|Categories: Daily, Vocabulary|Tags: |

Skincare or makeup can be an essential part of our daily life as we want to keep a good outfit. Have you ever encountered a situation like unable to understand the label on the product? Just click on this article and you can find the common English terms! It can help you to save your time in ‘Google Translate’ when you go shopping!  

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