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18 1, 2021

Which word should we use? Do, play or go in front of the ‘sports’ verb?

18/1/2021|Categories: Daily|

A ‘sport’s verb is followed by do, play or go usually. However, the nature of these verbs are totally different. Today, let’s learn about when to use the corresponding words before some ‘sports’ verb!

15 1, 2021

Start your career: How to prepare for a job interview?

15/1/2021|Categories: Business|

The graduation season is approaching! It’s time for fresh graduates to find a job. A good CV can help to get an interview, but your performance in the interview is the key to get this job. Here are some tips for preparing a job interview for you!

13 1, 2021

Top 8 English Phrasal Verbs for Business

13/1/2021|Categories: Business|

When I was a student, phrasal verbs are my worst nightmare. Unfortunately, they are so commonly used by English speakers in business we can’t escape them! Today, we collected 8 common phrasal verbs in business for you to take a look at.

11 1, 2021

English at work: 6 different ways to say “the work is done”

11/1/2021|Categories: Business|

After the whole day of working, you finally finished preparing for the tomorrow’s presentation, saying “it’s all done” to call it for a day. We are going to give a list of different ways to express the meaning of “the work is all done”.

8 1, 2021

Useful sentence patterns: Cause & solutions and Advantages & disadvantages

8/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

The most popular type of writing questions in IELTS are cause & solutions and advantages & disadvantages. It requires candidate to be precise and concise when presenting their arguments. We are going to give you guys a list of useful sentence patterns for writing argumentative essays.

6 1, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (adjectives part 2)

6/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

This time we are going to continue introducing the synonyms of adjectives which can boost up your test score.

4 1, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (adjectives part 1)

4/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

A great way to improve your IELTS score is by using synonyms for common words. In the marking criteria of writing and speaking test, a 7 score requires students to “use a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility”. We summarized a list of common words that can help a great deal in getting you a good IELTS score.

31 12, 2020

7 alternative ways to say “so that” you need to know

31/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

Do you have the issue of constantly using the same sentence pattern in your English writing or speaking tests? For example, the “so that” structure is one of the most overused patterns among English learners. Today, we are going to give you some simple substitutes for “so that”.

30 12, 2020

DSE English: 5 common types of words related to “opinions” (part 2)

30/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

Here comes the second episode of words related to opinions. We are going to cover more words which can be used to describe your attitude towards others’ points of view.

28 12, 2020

DSE English: 5 common types of words related to “opinions” (part 1)

28/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

It is very likely that you might encounter the questions in DSE that require you to summarize an author’s opinion or express your own point of view. Is your vocabulary bank sufficient in assisting you to convey your ideas? Here is a list of 5 common types of opinion words for you.

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