The purpose of writing is to construct your point of view, so the word ‘think’ is frequently used. Do you know any synonyms of ‘think ‘? Through using a rich variety of vocabulary, the marker may be surprised and offer you a more satisfying grade!



They deem plastic surgery a safe way to become beautiful, but in fact, it poses potential risks too.



I realized that the importance of support from the audience which granted me with the braveness to sing my songs.



I am here to argue for abolishing the policy of reporting students’ class positions based on the following aspects.



You should assert your right in chasing for your dream, instead of blindly following others’ ideas.



I firmly believe that I am the right candidate for the workshop. Also, I sincerely hope that I would be selected.


Next time before you use the word ‘think’, try to replace it with one of the above words!


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