During oral examination, clear and direct sentences are more favorable for expressing your opinion towards other candidates. So, you need to recite more words for accurate use of vocabulary. The words below focus on questions about solutions to problems which are very common in DSE paper.



You can spend more time in interacting with native English-speakers, so as to eliminate the problem of nervousness in speaking English.


Cope with

The cookery classes should be teaching the students how to cope with emergency situations in the kitchen.


Deal with

It is hard to deal with worries of physical injuries in full-contact sports.



Addressing the problem of insufficient attractiveness of food in the brochure, we can find painters to draw them out, instead of using photos.



The unwanted items can be tackled in the following ways.


To prevent repetition of words, the above useful vocabulary can surely help you in many ways! Bear them in mind and use them during the examination can earn you satisfying results too!


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