Mentioning the DSE writing paper, one of the cores is language mark. If you plan to recite all the words from the dictionary, it won’t be a great choice for all candidates. So, how can you recite the vocabulary wisely? It is simply by remembering the commonly used words! ‘Now’ is the perfect example for this! Let’s learn how to replace ‘now’ in the following passage!


  • In contemporary society


In contemporary society, young people tend to neglect the importance of health. So, marathon would be a practical way to arouse their awareness of this issue.


  • In this day and age


In this day and age, students are usually interested in some special sporting events, so our programme should meet the need of students.


  • In modern society


In modern society, media and celebrities create the fashion trend, gaining popularity for athleisure.


  • In this era


In this era, globalization is the major factor for Asian celebrities to gain popularity all over the world.


Never overlook the power of changing one single word! It can always make a great difference in your writing!