Last time, we mentioned about the people that would take part in the wedding. This time, the phrases that are related to wedding procedures will be introduced. Here goes the useful phrases!


  • Get down on one knee


He got down on one knee to propose to me as I accepted it, we were in engagement after that.


  • Toss the Bouquet


The bride didn’t toss the bouquet, and instead she gave it directly to her best friend as a blessing that she will be the next to get married.


  • Recite the marriage vows


They recited the marriage vows together and it was a touching moment to see how love is bringing two hearts together and forever.


  • Exchange wedding rings


After exchanging wedding rings, the couple smiled at each other and the groom folded the bride in his arms.


The phrases for wedding procedures are so romantic and practical. The vocabularies regarding wedding will definitely help, when one day you have to deal with wedding-related issues!