Most of the people love steak. We can cook it at home or have it during special festivals like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Steak can be both casual and premium ingredients. It caters the needs of different people.


Let’s learn the English vocabularies of different parts in a cow!


1. Chuck

This part exercise a lot so most muscle and tendons are distributed here.


2. Rib

This part does not exercise a lot so the meat is comparatively soft and tender with much fat. Beef ribs used for beef noodles are from this part.


3. Short loin

Filet mignon and T-bone steak are also in this part. The meat is rather chewy.


4. Sirloin

It is located near the buttock and back leg. There is not much fat and it is evenly distributed. Sirloin steak is the signature of this part.


5. Round

This part exercises a lot. There are many tendons and nearly no fat. The meat is rough which can be used to make dried beef.


6. Short plate

Sellers usually cut away the fat before selling. It is suitable to cut into thin slices like the sliced beef.


7. Flat iron steak

It is so rare that there is only 5kg flat iron in a cow.


8. Brisket

Brisket is a part of short plate.


Remember to choose your preferred part next time!