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Hi there! I am LJ, from Wall Street English. Today, I’m going to talk about some common American slang words or phrases.


To be beat

It means exhausted or very tired.

For example:

        “Hey Peter, do you want to go out tonight? There’s a new bar that’s just opened! It’s gonna be fun!”

        “Ah, Sorry, I can’t. I’m beat and I have to wake up early tomorrow.”



This word is very popular all over the world. When you use it, you’re telling people that you think something is amazing or great.

For example:

        “Judy, what do you think of La La Land?”

        “It was awesome! I loved it!


To be sick

Sometimes, we use the word “sick” to tell people that something is awesome or really cool.

For example:

        “Hey Justin. You missed a sick party last night!”

        “I know… I had to work…”


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To chill out

This phrase has two meanings.

  1. It means to relax. It can be used with or without the word ‘out’.

For example:

        “Jesse, what are you and Francis doing now?”

        “We’re just chilling (out). Do you want to come over?


  1. If someone asks you to chill out, they think you’re overreacting to a situation and they want you to relax.

For example:

        “Should I propose to Mary? You know, I’m afraid she might say no to me…”

        “Dude, chill out! Stop thinking too much. You two have been together for 5 years. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”



It has nothing to do with cold weather. It means ‘great’ like awesome.

For example,

        “What do you think of my brother?”

        “I like him. He’s a cool guy.”


        “Michelle is throwing a party next Saturday night. Do you wanna come?”

        “Cool! Count me in.”


That’s all for today. See you next time!