28 2, 2023

Useful business English phrases for a workplace meeting

28/2/2023|Categories: Business|

Meetings are the key part of the modern workplace where communication is valued. It is essential for us to develop effective communication skills. However, a lot of people struggle with what to say during meetings. Today, Wall Street English will teach you step by step and provide you with examples to help you nail your meeting speech.

24 2, 2023

A guide to job interview: the best answer to “Tell me about yourself”

24/2/2023|Categories: Business|

In every job interview, you are going to come across this question: “Tell me about yourself”. Self-introduction is no doubt the most common question in interviews. However, it is also a tricky question as your answer has a direct impact on the interviewer’s first impression of you. A good answer to this question is also the key to success in your interview. So, how to give impressive answers and let the interviewer see your charm in this 1 minute? Wall Street English will teach you 3 important steps and a sample answer to help you excel in the interview.

13 2, 2023

2023 pickup lines to teach you how to flirt with girls

13/2/2023|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

How to strike up a conversation smoothly in 2022? How to flirt with someone? How to confess your feelings toward someone? Wall Street English has compiled some pick-up lines to help you win someone over.

4 1, 2023

Apart from “more and more”, 10 other common phrases with an “and” in between

4/1/2023|Categories: Daily|

10 common and easy phrases with an “and” in between to make your English sounds more native. In English, we often see some phrases with an “and” in between two words having similar meanings, like “more and more”, “hustle and bustle”. Let’s learn some more with Wall Street English!

20 12, 2022

[節日英語] 聖誕節及新年祝賀語 再教識你節日相關詞語

20/12/2022|Categories: Daily|

又到聖誕!又到聖誕!淨係識講Merry Christmas and Happy New Year祝福親友?等Wall Street English教你多D祝賀語句,為你嘅摰愛送上無限祝福。

13 12, 2022

Do not use “laugh die me”! How to say “laugh die me” in English?

13/12/2022|Categories: Daily|

“Laugh die me”, “LOL”, “siu4” are some popular internet slangs used by the youngsters. Do you know the proper ways to express “laugh die me”? Learn 6 English expressions to replace “laugh die me” with Wall Street English and speak native English!   1. Hilarious If you want to respond to someone’s joke or actions, [...]

5 12, 2022

Workplace presentation (3): Useful phrases and sentences

5/12/2022|Categories: Business|

How to deliver a decent presentation? What should I say during a presentation? If you have questions as such, don’t worry! Wall Street English will help you by giving you the best phrases and examples for each part of your presentation and help you to handle every situation well. Do not be afraid of presentations anymore!

22 11, 2022

Workplace presentation (2): How to give a strong and effective ending speech?

22/11/2022|Categories: Business|

Presentations are very common in the workplace today. Last time, we mentioned how to start a presentation with an engaging opening. This time, Wall Street English will teach you how to close a presentation effectively. The ending speech is the last chance for you to recap the keypoints of your presentation and let the audience remember them. Therefore, it is important to finish off your presentation with an impressive ending. Here, 5 tips are provided to help you wrap up your presentation.

31 10, 2022

Workplace presentation(1): How to open with an irresistible opening?

31/10/2022|Categories: Business|

Presentations are common in the workplace today. Various kinds of presentation may be required for different professionals, for instance, sales pitch, project presentation, client presentation, etc. It is vital to engage your audience at the start. An engaging introduction helps to capture the attention from the audience. Here, Wall Street English will provide you with some techniques you can use to begin your presentation.

27 10, 2022

10 common office phrases you must learn for workplace communication

27/10/2022|Categories: Business|

10 essential, common office phrases to facilitate workplace communication. Communicate freely with your colleagues and boss by using these expressions!

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