14 9, 2020

How to nail the question “Any questions?” in a job interview

14/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

Do you know the key to excelling in a job interview? Graduation season is coming! Fresh graduates are going to start job-hunting. The hiring manager will give you a lot of valuable information about this position. As the conversation is ending, they ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” It’s very important to ask questions because it gives you a chance to show your interest and give the HR a memorable final impression.

11 9, 2020

These expressions help you to rephrase your complaint about work!

11/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

Anything can happen at work. Sometimes you want to complain to your colleagues or clients. Therefore, let us give you some English tips for rephrasing work-related complaints to laugh at someone in an unkind way.

9 9, 2020

Saying “emm…” all the time? You need to know these gap fillers said by native speakers!

9/9/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

During conversations, sometimes you don’t know what to say. Especially when we speak English continuously, we hesitate in the middle and search for words to be used. Then conversation may become a bit awkward and you will find it difficult to continue. Let’s learn about the gap fillers that native speakers use to bridge the conversation!

24 8, 2020

Learn 6 Useful English Idioms Relating to Job (part 1)

24/8/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation, Idioms|

Use these work idioms in conversation to talk about your job, your working matters, office politics and relationships. All these idioms are connected with the world of work.

21 8, 2020

8 phrasal verbs about clothing

21/8/2020|Categories: Daily, Phrasal-Verbs|

Girls usually like dressing up and matching different clothes to build up their own styles. We always use ‘wear’ and ‘remove’ to describe putting on and taking off the clothes. However, there are other words or phrasal verbs we can use to describe this action.

17 8, 2020

Having difficulties when ordering takeaway? Let’s learn the following expressions!

17/8/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

As there is coronavirus, everyone tends to order takeaway. However, can you think of how to order takeaway or will you not understand what the person is saying on the phone? Let’s learn the following expressions to make takeaway order easier!   I would like to place an order A: Thanks for calling. How can [...]

14 8, 2020

Stop using “wait a moment”: Formal and polite ways of asking someone to wait

14/8/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation, Daily|

We are all familiar with the phrase “wait a moment”. However, “wait” sounds not that polite in the working context. Also, how long does “a moment” exactly mean?

12 8, 2020

10 alternative expressions to say “I’m good at” in a job interview

12/8/2020|Categories: Business|

In job interviews, people always use “I’m good at…” to introduce their strengths and abilities. Are there any other ways to say that?

16 7, 2020

English guide: How to inquire about accommodation in foreign countries?

16/7/2020|Categories: Daily, Overseas Study|

No matter you are staying in foreign countries for a short period or studying there, you are bound to deal with the same situation – inquiring about accommodation! At that moment, you are required to communicate well with your landlord/ landlady to get the information you need about the place you desire. Are you afraid of missing some details in renting an apartment/ house/ room? Do you know what the common questions you should ask be? Let’s take a look at the list below!

16 7, 2020

Tips to write a resume /CV that stands out!

16/7/2020|Categories: Business|

If you want to apply for a desired job, you have to craft a resume / CV first. There are lots of conflicting recommendations on the internet so it can be difficult to find the best approach. Should you keep your resume to one page? Do you need to include personal interest? Look no further. Find out Wall Street English’s approach to write better resumes that represents you!

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