9 9, 2022

10 common office phrases you must know for workplace communication

9/9/2022|Categories: Business|

English is the major language of international businesses. It is crucial for us to learn the common expressions in the workplace that people use on a daily basis. To help you excel in your work, Wall Street English is going to teach you 10 of the common phrases.

7 9, 2022

Scorching summer! Let’s learn some idioms related to summer!

7/9/2022|Categories: Daily|

Welcome to the hot summer days! As the longest season throughout the entire year, there are also lot of idioms related to summer. Let's learn some of those and show off your English in front of your friends!

5 9, 2022

How to respond to the gratitude from others? Are there other ways of expressing “you’re welcome”?

5/9/2022|Categories: Daily|

We knew how to express our gratitude towards others. But do you know how to respond to others’ gratitude? Or what should we say when accepting apologies? Some say we could use “you’re welcome” or “never mind” in these situations. Notwithstanding, these two phrases are not appropriate in all situations. Sometimes, we need to use other ways of expressions.

1 8, 2022

How to show your appreciation to people? Other ways of saying “Thank you.”?

1/8/2022|Categories: Daily|

Be it in daily life or in the workplace, there are many occasions where we would need to thank the people around us. Sometimes we want to find some new expressions to show our gratitude. If you are still saying “Thank you” all the time, here are some alternative expressions that you can use on various occasions.

29 7, 2022

How to order food in a restaurant in English?

29/7/2022|Categories: Daily|

Do you ever feel embarrassed when you must order food in a restaurant in English? Don’t worry! Wall Street English will teach you some common phrases for ordering food and help you handle these difficult scenarios!

19 7, 2022

10 workplace abbreviations you need to know for effective business communication

19/7/2022|Categories: Business|

In the business world, effectiveness is vital. Therefore, we always communicate with others in abbreviations at the workplace. Now, let’s learn these ten workplace abbreviations together!

18 7, 2022

How to answer the question “What is your greatest weakness?” in interviews?

18/7/2022|Categories: Business|

As “What is your greatest weakness?” being one of the most frequently asked questions in interviews, it is also a super-challenging question to answer. But don’t worry, below are the 3 key tips with examples to help you overcome this hurdle.

22 6, 2022

What is the meaning of ‘burn your boats’? Let us introduce related to ‘boat’

22/6/2022|Categories: Daily|

We believe that you are getting familiar with the vocabulary of boats. However, how many idioms of boat do you know? What is the meaning of “burn your boats”? Let us introduce idioms that are related to ‘boat’ today.

20 6, 2022

Rain also can related to Money

20/6/2022|Categories: Daily|

We often associate summer with rain. Did you know ‘rain’ can be related to the vocab of ‘money’? Let’s learn different kinds of phrases about rain so we can use them in small talks next time!

15 6, 2022

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For introducing ideas)

15/6/2022|Categories: Business|

After learning the concept of how to introduce the information in a precise and direct way, you can find more useful sentence structures by reading the other related articles!

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