23 7, 2021

General English: What does ‘a lot on my plate’ actually mean? Remember 6 idioms related to household items!

23/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

Most people stay at home because of the Covid-19 and look at household items every day. Have you ever imagined that these items can be used for idioms? Let's learn some of them today!

21 7, 2021

General English: 6 easy sentences that express ‘ok’!

21/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

In daily life, whether responding to or agreeing with somebody, we will always use ‘ok’. How about trying to use other expressions instead of ‘ok’?

19 7, 2021

What is the difference between ‘custom‘ and ‘customs‘? The meaning changes with and without ‘s’!

19/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

A word becomes plural by adding a suffix - ‘s’. Additionally, do you know the meanings of some English words will change if we add the suffix ‘s’? Let’s learn some examples with us today!

16 7, 2021

Business English: A little quiz! Any other expressions you can think of apart from ‘Get well soon’?

16/7/2021|Categories: Business|

Have you experienced a situation that when your colleague is sick, and you want to express your worries and concern, yet you can only remember the phrase ‘get well soon’? Let’s take a look at other useful expressions!

14 7, 2021

Business English: 5 words that start with R to describe the ‘Recover’ of a situation!

14/7/2021|Categories: Business|

The COVID-19 pandemic has been lasting for more than one year, and there is a serious economic impact on the global markets. We hope that the epidemic would pass, and the economy could be recovered very soon. Today, let’s talk about some words that describe ‘recover’!

12 7, 2021

Business English: The project has been temporarily delayed or canceled? How can we describe in English alternatively?

12/7/2021|Categories: Business|

When working, you may occasionally experience situations such as canceling a meet, or face-to-face activities are postponed or canceled under the epidemic. Today, we would tell you how to explain to the customers or colleagues that something is canceled or ceased.   1. Scrap   We are going to Australia on business, but have to [...]

24 6, 2021

Common mistakes when writing an email

24/6/2021|Categories: Daily|

Since there are so many instant messaging apps nowadays like whatsapp and facebook, we seldom communicate with our friends by email. However, when we communicate with our colleagues or professors in writing, we often use emails which is a more acceptable method for formal occasions. Therefore, we will learn about a few common mistakes found in emails nowadays.

22 6, 2021

8 idioms about pigs

22/6/2021|Categories: Daily|

Pigs always give others’ an impression that they are lazy and fat. In Cantonese, we tease people by saying: you are as fat as a pig or if you continue eat, you will fat like a pig! Therefore, pigs are associated with fat, chubby etc, but actually there are many English idioms that related to pigs! Let’s learn about what idioms are related to pigs!

16 6, 2021

8 idioms about food

16/6/2021|Categories: Daily|

English is so amazing that a word can have many different meanings. Words about food can also be seen in many idioms that we hear. For example: ‘a piece of cake’ and ‘my cup of tea’. Let’s learn 8 more idioms about food today and see how many you know.

19 5, 2021

8 superfood you need to know

19/5/2021|Categories: Daily|

It is important to eat healthily. Recently, Hong Kong people have started to take an interest in healthy dining, especially preferring some food with better nutrition. Therefore, there are ‘superfood’. Some foods are incredibly nutrious and these are known as ‘superfoods.’. Other than some common superfood like avocado, there are other foods that are just as healthy. Let’s learn about the following 8 superfoods today!

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