19 1, 2022

How did a place become a part of an idiom? We can use ‘this’ to describe someone who makes unnecessary actions!

19/1/2022|Categories: Daily|

Have you ever heard of the idiom, ‘all roads can lead to Rome’? Besides, there are many places that can be turned into idioms, and today we will share 7 examples with you!

17 1, 2022

How to express ‘I am kind of poor recently’ in English?

17/1/2022|Categories: Daily|

At the end of each month, the disposable income is almost coming to an end. Do you know anyone who always mentions he’s poor’? Let’s learn 7 related expressions today!

16 12, 2021

How to describe yourself when you are feeling dizzy on a car or a boat? Hint: They are all related to ‘this’ word!

16/12/2021|Categories: Daily|

‘Sick’ means being physically or mentally ill. However, do you know there are many English words with the suffix of ‘sick’, for example when describing feeling unwell on a car or a boat. Before reading the following article, can you guess how we call them in English?

15 12, 2021

Describe the weather in English! How to describe to others if it’s pouring rain outside or the sky is cloudy?

15/12/2021|Categories: Daily|

British people love talking about the weather when they meet someone. In 2017, an interesting study shows that over 90% of British people will talk about the weather once every six hours. So, let’s learn about various kinds of words which can describe the weather, so you can use them when greeting a foreigner next time!

17 11, 2021

English expressions that are related to body parts! (Part 1)

17/11/2021|Categories: Daily|

Head, shoulder, and hands are some of the basic words you learn long time ago. However, do you understand the meaning of ‘out of hand’ instead of ‘hand’?

15 11, 2021

General English – Common color idioms, let’s try to understand what the native speakers are talking about! (Red, White)

15/11/2021|Categories: Daily|

Previously, we have talked about the color idioms for blue and green. So, today we are going to learn some idioms for ‘red’ and ‘white’ today! Do you know the meaning of ‘whitewash’? Let’s scroll down and find out the answer!

12 11, 2021

Where can we find a good deal? Learn these 7 English phrases to describe discounts!

12/11/2021|Categories: Daily|

In Hong Kong, the shopping malls and stores are always crowded, which shows how much Hong Kong people like to shop, especially when the store is having a sale! Let’s learn some phrases related to discounts today!

3 11, 2021

‘Just a little bit!’ Here are 7 English phrases to replace ‘almost’

3/11/2021|Categories: Daily|

During the IELTS writing exam, for example, if we are trying to describe the current trend has remain the same, we can use words such as ‘almost’ and ‘nearly’. If you want more choices of words, you can try using these 7 phrases, such as ‘virtually’. Not only does it have the meaning of not existing in the physical world, it can also be interpreted as ‘almost’!

1 11, 2021

Besides knowing that ‘be’ = is/am/are, you can use it in these ways!

1/11/2021|Categories: Daily|

Speaking of the English word ‘be’, everyone knows that it can be interpreted as ‘is’/’am’/’are’. However, did you know it can be used in front of prepositions? Guess what these phrases mean!

25 10, 2021

General English: How many English words do you know that are related to café? Can you understand what the barista meant when he said, ‘Would you like some room in your coffee’?

25/10/2021|Categories: Daily|

No matter if you want to find a place to chat with friends or to prepare for an exam, café might be a good choice. But do you know any vocabulary words that are related to café? We have talked about some types of coffee before, and today let’s learn some words related to coffee!

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