25 1, 2020

Formal and informal ways to express disappointment!

25/1/2020|Categories: Daily|

In life, we may face a lot of disappointments, and you do need to express this kind of feeling before it overwhelmed you. Do you know how to review your emotions in both formal and informal ways? Let's check it out below and learn the expressions other than ‘what a shame’!

24 1, 2020

What is Blue-sky thinking? The 5 amazing blue idioms you should know!

24/1/2020|Categories: Daily|

You may notice that ‘blue’ is often used to describe the melancholy of people, but do you know about other amazing idioms with the word ‘blue’? What is the meaning of ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea’? How to use the word ‘blue sky thinking’? You can find the answer by looking at the passage below!

29 12, 2019

You look so beautiful in white! 12 Wedding Congratulations Messages (2)

29/12/2019|Categories: Daily|

Are you planning to send a congratulation message to your friends who are going to get married? Read the below wedding congratulation message to get some inspirations!  

27 12, 2019

You look so beautiful in white! 12 Best Wedding Congratulations Messages (1)

27/12/2019|Categories: Daily|

When your friends or family are getting married, you may need to prepare wedding congratulations message for them. You may have difficulties in drafting the message as you can think of nothing but the single word -- ‘Congratulations’. Here goes the 12 Best Wedding Wishes which you can use as sample.

18 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn!(2)

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There are so many idioms about sleeping, and here are the 10 idioms that you must learn! How to wake someone up without saying ‘get up’? Is there idiom that can describe someone wake up and sleep early? What does it mean by getting up on the wrong side of the bed? If you have no clue about the answer to the above question, you can find them below!

16 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn! (1)

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Different people may get used to different kinds of sleeping habits, so the idioms about sleeping are of rick variety too! Do you know how to describe someone who is always moving around during sleep? What are forty winks? How to say someone is staying up all night for doing things? This article can definitely help!

14 10, 2019

5 phrases about sleeping you should know!

14/10/2019|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

Sleeping occupies one-third of our day, making it so important for us. There are a lot of words that we can use to describe sleeping other than the word ‘sleep’. Let’s check out the words below to make sure you can understand more about your sleeping habits!

26 6, 2019


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24 6, 2019

【學英文:Some time, sometime, sometimes 你又分得清?】

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Some time, sometime, sometimes喺意思上的確有啲相似,但用法可以好唔同!連住、分開同有S冇S,你又講唔講到有咩分別?唔想用錯地方?就要一齊嚟睇睇喇!   Sometime   如果sometime喺adverb(副詞)嘅話,指喺未來嘅一個不確定嘅時間。例如︰   We need to talk to you about your study thing sometime. 我們找一個時間談談有關你學習的東西吧。   如果sometime喺adjective(形容詞)嘅話,喺偶然嘅意思。例如︰   I am a sometime painter which I like to draw the beauty of nature more than people. 我偶然是一個畫家,而我喜歡畫大自然的美麗多於人像畫。   Some time   Some time分做兩個字嘅時候,喺一會兒或一段時間咁解,例句有︰   I need some time to cool [...]

24 6, 2019


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等等等,唔駛寂寞到夜深嘅!學識點催促人,自然事半功倍。唔知點叫人快少少?想催促朋友、同事定其他公司嘅人?一篇文為你一網打盡,唔駛再諗前諗後,都未開到聲啦!一齊睇下除咗「HURRY UP」以外嘅英文用語啦!   對朋友可以用比較口語嘅方式,例如︰   The bus is arriving. We need to get a move on. 巴士快到了,我哋要快少少喇! We’d better get cracking on the preparation of party. 我哋最好就快少少準備派對。 Sam, shake a leg or we’ll miss the flight. Sam,你要快啲啦,唔喺我哋就會錯過航班。   以上三個都喺催促朋友可以用嘅,因為太口語,類近「快啲啦」嘅意思,所以唔喺好適合同同事或職場人士講。   有時急起上嚟,可能會用到以下講法︰   Please get the work done before today! 請喺今日前完成這份工作!   You are reminded that [...]

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