21 8, 2020

8 phrasal verbs about clothing

21/8/2020|Categories: Daily, Phrasal-Verbs|

Girls usually like dressing up and matching different clothes to build up their own styles. We always use ‘wear’ and ‘remove’ to describe putting on and taking off the clothes. However, there are other words or phrasal verbs we can use to describe this action.

17 8, 2020

Having difficulties when ordering takeaway? Let’s learn the following expressions!

17/8/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

As there is coronavirus, everyone tends to order takeaway. However, can you think of how to order takeaway or will you not understand what the person is saying on the phone? Let’s learn the following expressions to make takeaway order easier!   I would like to place an order A: Thanks for calling. How can [...]

14 8, 2020

Stop using “wait a moment”: Formal and polite ways of asking someone to wait

14/8/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation, Daily|

We are all familiar with the phrase “wait a moment”. However, “wait” sounds not that polite in the working context. Also, how long does “a moment” exactly mean?

16 7, 2020

English guide: How to inquire about accommodation in foreign countries?

16/7/2020|Categories: Daily, Overseas Study|

No matter you are staying in foreign countries for a short period or studying there, you are bound to deal with the same situation – inquiring about accommodation! At that moment, you are required to communicate well with your landlord/ landlady to get the information you need about the place you desire. Are you afraid of missing some details in renting an apartment/ house/ room? Do you know what the common questions you should ask be? Let’s take a look at the list below!

13 7, 2020

English you should know before going to a café! (2)

13/7/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

Last time we learned the different types of coffee drinks in English. This time, let’s take a look at the English phrases that help you to order ‘your cup of coffee’ accurately and quickly! Master the English related to coffee below!

13 7, 2020

English you should know before going to a café! (1)

13/7/2020|Categories: Conversation, Daily|

‘Coffee or tea?’ There maybe not much coffee choices on the plane, however, there are so many types of coffee drinks in a café! Perhaps you are a coffee lover, but do you know the English of different types of coffee? No idea what’s on the beverage menu? For someone who loves drinking coffee, remember to bookmark this page!

13 6, 2020

The common English terms for skin care products and cosmetics

13/6/2020|Categories: Daily, Vocabulary|Tags: |

Skincare or makeup can be an essential part of our daily life as we want to keep a good outfit. Have you ever encountered a situation like unable to understand the label on the product? Just click on this article and you can find the common English terms! It can help you to save your time in ‘Google Translate’ when you go shopping!  

11 6, 2020

Common cutting of garments you should know!

11/6/2020|Categories: Daily|Tags: |

There are different types of dressing styles, for example, athleisure is one of the major trends recently. When you want to dress up, you may need to be aware of the cutting of those clothes! Do you know what is the name for various kind of collar, sleeve and pocket designs? Check them out in the following passage!

10 6, 2020

The fabulous patterns of clothes you should know!

10/6/2020|Categories: Daily|Tags: |

There are a lot of clothing patterns, but do you know how to describe them? The following can help you to tell the salesperson about what type of clothes you want. Let’s check out the fabulous patterns together!

8 6, 2020

Special Vocabulary for describing colors!

8/6/2020|Categories: Daily, Vocabulary|Tags: |

After learning some adjectives for illustrating the saturation of colors, there are indeed other special terms that help you to describe specific kinds of color! Let’s check out those extraordinary words for colors in the following passage!

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