18 10, 2021

General English: What is the meaning of ‘cook the books’? Are you confused with the meaning of phrases like this?

18/10/2021|Categories: Daily|

Sometimes when we learn English, we cannot simply read it literally as we could mistake it for another meaning. For example, when someone tells you that she is ‘under the weather’ today. It’s not that she is really ‘under the weather’, rather it means that she is feeling sick! Let’s take a look at some phrases which cannot be literally translated!

10 9, 2021

Do you know anyone with these personality traits? English words you may not know that describe personality!

10/9/2021|Categories: Daily|

Everyone has his/her own unique personality. If you want to get to know someone deeply, it is necessary to understand their personality first, which can usually be observed from their attitude towards others. Today, we will provide you some more advanced English words that you seldom come across.

9 9, 2021

7 tactful expressions to avoid being too direct when saying you ‘don’t like’ something!

9/9/2021|Categories: Daily|

When someone has a suggestion that you don't like, how would you express that? Would you directly say, ‘I don’t like it’? Or maybe you are invited to an event, but you don’t want to attend, would you refuse by saying ‘I don’t want to go’? To avoid expressing dislikes in a direct manner, you may try to use one of these 7 expressions!

8 9, 2021

YSK and SMH are not typos! What do these common social media abbreviations mean?

8/9/2021|Categories: Daily|

Have you seen these abbreviations on social media platforms? If you don’t know their meanings, you may think they are typos, or that the letters are scrambled! You may be afraid of wrongly using those abbreviations. So, let's learn them together!

23 8, 2021

General English: Can you use flowers to describe people or things? Learn 5 idioms with flowers!

23/8/2021|Categories: Daily|

During graduation season, many people choose to send flowers to graduate students as a blessing, and congratulate them to enter the university or the workforce. Then, do you know any about idioms with flowers?

20 8, 2021

Interesting bartending terminology! These words have big differences in general and in bartending terminology!

20/8/2021|Categories: Daily|

Today we are going to share 3 words that have different meanings in general and in bartending terminology. Also, we will introduce the other 3 bartending terminologies that cannot be literally translated. Let’s learn and say to the bartender when ordering alcohol next time!

18 8, 2021

General English: We don’t use ‘money’ under these situations!

18/8/2021|Categories: Daily|

Many of you may only know the word ‘money’. Indeed, there are other expressions to replace ‘money’ in different situations, and here are 5 examples!

23 7, 2021

General English: What does ‘a lot on my plate’ actually mean? Remember 6 idioms related to household items!

23/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

Most people stay at home because of the Covid-19 and look at household items every day. Have you ever imagined that these items can be used for idioms? Let's learn some of them today!

21 7, 2021

General English: 6 easy sentences that express ‘ok’!

21/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

In daily life, whether responding to or agreeing with somebody, we will always use ‘ok’. How about trying to use other expressions instead of ‘ok’?

19 7, 2021

What is the difference between ‘custom‘ and ‘customs‘? The meaning changes with and without ‘s’!

19/7/2021|Categories: Daily|

A word becomes plural by adding a suffix - ‘s’. Additionally, do you know the meanings of some English words will change if we add the suffix ‘s’? Let’s learn some examples with us today!

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