19 4, 2021

Using ‘hurt’ is too general, how can we talk about different kinds of injuries?

19/4/2021|Categories: Daily|

We usually say ‘I got hurt’ when we have injuries. However, others may not know how we hurt ourselves or how we form the wounds. Therefore, let’s learn the English vocabulary of different injuries. In case we get hurt next time, we can describe them to others!

26 2, 2021

What is the difference between ‘see’, ‘look’ and ‘watch’?

26/2/2021|Categories: Daily|

We have learnt see, watch and look since we are small. They all verbs that we use to describe how we are using our eyes. Of course, there are actually differences when it comes to usage. Let’s learn the differences between the 3 of them!

24 2, 2021

What kind of baking do we have? Only bread?

24/2/2021|Categories: Daily|

Bread is one of the major sources of carbohydrates in many European countries and it is often the main part of the meal. Bagels have been becoming more popular and this has helped to popularize bread. Other than the well known croissants, bagels and donuts, there are actually many more different types of bread. Let’s learn the following bread type today!

22 2, 2021

Other than ‘not yummy’, what vocabularies can we used to describe food?

22/2/2021|Categories: Daily|

I believe you must have eaten some ‘not delicious’ food. However, do you know how to describe it? Actually, there are many ways of saying ‘not yummy’, it could just be “tasteless” or “overcooked.” Let’s learn about the following 8 words to describe food!

22 1, 2021

8 adjectives to replace yummy, so you don’t need to always repeat this word!

22/1/2021|Categories: Daily|

Everyone loves yummy food. Sometimes, having a satisfying meal is our motivation to work! In English, we hear ‘yummy’, ‘delicious’ and ‘tasty’ the most because they are the most basic words. However, there are many words to describe yummy. Sometimes, it can even mean different extend! Let’s learn the following 8 words about yummy!

20 1, 2021

8 different parts of a steak

20/1/2021|Categories: Daily|

Most of the people love steak. We can cook it at home or have it during special festivals like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Steak can be both casual and premium ingredients. It caters the needs of different people. Let’s learn the English vocabularies of different parts in a cow!

18 1, 2021

Which word should we use? Do, play or go in front of the ‘sports’ verb?

18/1/2021|Categories: Daily|

A ‘sport’s verb is followed by do, play or go usually. However, the nature of these verbs are totally different. Today, let’s learn about when to use the corresponding words before some ‘sports’ verb!

23 12, 2020

8 methods to cook eggs

23/12/2020|Categories: Daily|

Eggs are full of nutrition. Many people would like to have eggs all the time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With many ways to cook them, eating an egg benedict, fried or boiled eggs at a café has become very famous and trendy nowadays. Therefore, let’s learn different vocabularies about the cooking method of eggs, so you can order your desired eggs in foreign countries too.

21 12, 2020

8 sentences to replace ‘I think…’

21/12/2020|Categories: Daily|

We always use ‘I think…’ when we want to express our opinion, but if we repeat ‘I think…’ many times in a passage, others may think our English level is too basic and we can sound boring too. Besides, ‘I think…’ sometimes cannot deliver our thoughts accurately. Let’s learn 8 new sentences to replace ‘I think…’ so you can have more variation when expressing yourself in English!

23 11, 2020

Have you ever considered how many adjectives can describe hair?

23/11/2020|Categories: Daily|

When it comes to hair, we usually only describe it as long or short. However, there are many more adjectives to talk about hair, its shape and quality. Let’s learn the following hair-related adjectives!

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