6 5, 2020

Useful Wedding Phrases that you must learn ( For wedding procedures)

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Last time, we mentioned about the people that would take part in the wedding. This time, the phrases that are related to wedding procedures will be introduced. Here goes the useful phrases!

15 4, 2020

6 Adjectives for describing colors you must know!

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There must be a difference in terms of the saturation between the blue of the sky and the ocean. It is the same of the red between sunset and flowers. Therefore, you need some clarifications for these tones. All you require is indeed the adjectives for describing colors. Check it out below!

8 4, 2020

The 5 Movie terms you should know!

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When you are watching movies or episodes, you may focus on different related terms and fun facts. What do Easter eggs mean? How to talk about the scenes that were cut away before releasing? No matter you are the fans of Marvel or Crash Landing on You, check out the words below, so that you can fully enjoy the movies or episodes!

30 3, 2020


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宜家出國除咗 shopping 同睇靚景,仲有性價比高的醫療旅遊,不過出外旅遊時不小心病咗,需要睇醫生,都要識點同當地醫生溝通,所以大家都可以學定簡易對答!

30 3, 2020

Travel English : Common phrases you should know when visiting a doctor

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Other than sightseeing and shopping, people may go on a medical trip to get overseas’ treatment too. Therefore, it is crucial for you to communicate well with the doctors there. And if you are sick when traveling, you need to express the sickness in English as well. So, why don’t we check out the common [...]

27 3, 2020

5 words that you must learn to appreciate others’ kindness without using ‘kind’

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There must be time when you want to compliment others for their love and care towards other people or things. You can actually praise them without using the word ‘kind’! Let’s learn about some other words to rephrase this!

23 3, 2020

‘Out of the woods’ means walking out of the forest!? MUST-KNOW Idioms relating to nature!

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Nature not only provides us with the magnificent scenery, but many intriguing idioms also lie along the side of it. Does ‘holding out an olive branch’ mean to take out the olive branch according to the literal interpretation? Does ‘Out of the woods’ simply mean to walk out of the forest? How to say deceiving someone in an idiom? Let's find it out below!

19 3, 2020

How’s the weather today!? All you need is this weather vocabulary list! (1)

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Weather is one of the most common topics between everyone, when you need or want to talk to someone. It’s nearly applicable in every situation. So, why don’t you click in and learn more weather words that you ought to know? After reading this article, you can accurately describe the weather, without using just sunny and cloudy!

14 2, 2020

The must-know expressions in making a promise in English!

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Keep your promise is the most crucial idea to bear in mind before you make one. In daily life, you may encounter situations, like promising your colleges in sharing workloads or promising a friend to offer help, and even more, it can be the sweetest promise between couples. So, how can we say it in English? Let’s take a look of the below!

12 2, 2020

6 ways for saying ‘thank you’ casually and politely in daily life!

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In daily life, you may want to express how thankful you are to your neighbor or friends for their help. Do you know how to show your thankfulness in a casual and polite way other than ‘thank you’? Let’s get the idea of saying thank you in some new ways.

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