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16 7, 2020

English guide: How to inquire about accommodation in foreign countries?

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No matter you are staying in foreign countries for a short period or studying there, you are bound to deal with the same situation – inquiring about accommodation! At that moment, you are required to communicate well with your landlord/ landlady to get the information you need about the place you desire. Are you afraid of missing some details in renting an apartment/ house/ room? Do you know what the common questions you should ask be? Let’s take a look at the list below!

26 9, 2016


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「投資涉及風險,證券價格可升可跌...」呢啲免責聲明我哋就聽得多啦,其實無論係開會報告業績定係考英文寫作,都需要描述唔同嘅趨勢,更是 IELTS 寫作必考嘅題目之一!唔同趨勢的英文點樣講?

12 12, 2013


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1 11, 2013

Are you Fit for your next challenge?

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免費DSE 賽前預測 想知道自己 IELTS 攞幾分?

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