15 1, 2021

Start your career: How to prepare for a job interview?

15/1/2021|Categories: Business|

The graduation season is approaching! It’s time for fresh graduates to find a job. A good CV can help to get an interview, but your performance in the interview is the key to get this job. Here are some tips for preparing a job interview for you!

13 1, 2021

Top 8 English Phrasal Verbs for Business

13/1/2021|Categories: Business|

When I was a student, phrasal verbs are my worst nightmare. Unfortunately, they are so commonly used by English speakers in business we can’t escape them! Today, we collected 8 common phrasal verbs in business for you to take a look at.

11 1, 2021

English at work: 6 different ways to say “the work is done”

11/1/2021|Categories: Business|

After the whole day of working, you finally finished preparing for the tomorrow’s presentation, saying “it’s all done” to call it for a day. We are going to give a list of different ways to express the meaning of “the work is all done”.

23 12, 2020

8 methods to cook eggs

23/12/2020|Categories: Daily|

Eggs are full of nutrition. Many people would like to have eggs all the time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With many ways to cook them, eating an egg benedict, fried or boiled eggs at a café has become very famous and trendy nowadays. Therefore, let’s learn different vocabularies about the cooking method of eggs, so you can order your desired eggs in foreign countries too.

21 12, 2020

8 sentences to replace ‘I think…’

21/12/2020|Categories: Daily|

We always use ‘I think…’ when we want to express our opinion, but if we repeat ‘I think…’ many times in a passage, others may think our English level is too basic and we can sound boring too. Besides, ‘I think…’ sometimes cannot deliver our thoughts accurately. Let’s learn 8 new sentences to replace ‘I think…’ so you can have more variation when expressing yourself in English!

18 12, 2020

Interview tips: How to make a good impression

18/12/2020|Categories: Business|

You have your job interview scheduled—congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare, and we’ve got you covered. Below, we provide an overview of how to do a perfect self-introduction and make a good impression to the interviewer.

16 12, 2020

Phone Etiquette: 8 polite ways to say “I’ll call you back”

16/12/2020|Categories: Business|

Do you know about phone etiquette? It is the way you present yourself and your business to customers via telephone communication with appropriate manners. When you are too busy to do a phone call, you have to inform the caller your inconvenience and you will get back to him/her ASAP. Here comes 8 ways to say “I’ll call you back”.

14 12, 2020

Are you an all-nighter?7 phrases for describing a busy working life

14/12/2020|Categories: Business|

In our professional lives, we tend to be busy all the time and sometimes may find it hard to do all the tasks expected from us. In such situations, we need to communicate to the higher boss or our family of our busy status. Let’s take a look at what kind of phrases we can use for describing a busy life!

23 11, 2020

Have you ever considered how many adjectives can describe hair?

23/11/2020|Categories: Daily|

When it comes to hair, we usually only describe it as long or short. However, there are many more adjectives to talk about hair, its shape and quality. Let’s learn the following hair-related adjectives!

18 11, 2020

8 ways to express gratitude without saying ‘thank you’

18/11/2020|Categories: Daily|

We must say ‘thank you’ when we want to thank others. However, it is boring to always use ‘thank you’. Sometimes, ‘thank you’ is not sincere enough to truly show our appreciation. Therefore, let’s learn the following ways to say ‘thank you’!

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