29 1, 2021

When, while or as? The difference among linking words

29/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

It is hard to deny that we use a lot of linking words in English tests, such as “because of” and “as well as”. Besides knowing their synonyms, a lot of students do not know how to use them in sentences. We are going to introduce you the difference among “when”, “while” and “as”.

27 1, 2021

For example vs. such as: confusing words related to giving examples

27/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

In DSE writing, sometimes we need to give out examples to support our argument. Good writers explain their ideas well. One way they explain their ideas is to include examples which make the writer's thoughts much more concrete, practical, and comprehensible to the reader. However, do you know the difference between “for example” and “such as”? Here comes a detailed explanation of how to give out examples in your English writing.

25 1, 2021

Pull over? look over? 7 common phrasal verbs with “over”

25/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

Over and over again…There is a lot of phrasal verbs with “over”. Do you know the meanings of each of them? We summarized a list for you which lists out the meanings of those phrasal verbs.

31 12, 2020

7 alternative ways to say “so that” you need to know

31/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

Do you have the issue of constantly using the same sentence pattern in your English writing or speaking tests? For example, the “so that” structure is one of the most overused patterns among English learners. Today, we are going to give you some simple substitutes for “so that”.

30 12, 2020

DSE English: 5 common types of words related to “opinions” (part 2)

30/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

Here comes the second episode of words related to opinions. We are going to cover more words which can be used to describe your attitude towards others’ points of view.

28 12, 2020

DSE English: 5 common types of words related to “opinions” (part 1)

28/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

It is very likely that you might encounter the questions in DSE that require you to summarize an author’s opinion or express your own point of view. Is your vocabulary bank sufficient in assisting you to convey your ideas? Here is a list of 5 common types of opinion words for you.

30 11, 2020

DSE Paper 2: Useful topic-related words you need to know (Urbanization)

30/11/2020|Categories: DSE|

Worldwide urbanization has a profound impact on the lifestyle of human beings. Especially when living in such a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, people get stressed out due to various reasons. Let’s talk about some useful words that can inspire you with your writing!

27 11, 2020

DSE Paper 4: Can I say “pardon” when I can’t hear my groupmates clearly?

27/11/2020|Categories: DSE|

Have you ever had a situation where you can’t hear your groupmates clearly? What can you say in response to his/her opinion? Can I say “pardon” to ask that person to repeat? Here are some tips for you to deal with this problem you may encounter in the group discussion section of DSE Paper4.

25 11, 2020

Conjunction words: 6 common synonyms of “besides”

25/11/2020|Categories: DSE|

Conjunction words are frequently used by candidates in writing and speaking tests. For example, “besides” is one of the most commonly seen conjunction words. However, candidates are encouraged to use more synonyms in order to get higher marks. We summarized a list of alternative ways to say “besides” for you.

30 10, 2020

DSE Paper 2: Useful topic-related words you need to know (Environment)

30/10/2020|Categories: DSE|

Environmental issues are issues related to human impact on the living environment, habitats, land use and natural resources. It is a very popular topic in DSE paper 2 and 4. We summarized a list of useful vocabulary of environment-related topics.

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