10 1, 2020

DSE Paper 4 : Best For Candidates! The most useful sentences in asking others’ opinions!

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Do you know how to pass DSE Paper 4 with flying colors? You should focus on interacting with other candidates, rather than giving your own speech during the speaking exam. Other than asking ‘Do you agree with me?’, there are tons of sentence structures that can help you with asking for others’ views. You can be more precise by using the below sentences when you want to understand others’ opinions.

9 1, 2020

DSE Paper 3 : Data description ! 5 words that can replace ‘increase’

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Is ‘increase’ the only word you write when stating an increasing trend? Do you wish to get rid of this situation? If you are aiming for the stars, you must be careful with every word choice. In order to impress the markers, this article will help you to learn more synonyms for the word ‘ increase’ !

8 1, 2020

DSE Paper 3: Data description ! 5 words that can replace ‘decrease’

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There are often questions that require data description in HKDSE English paper 3. Usually, you would be able to get the content point by stating the data straightly. Yet, some useful vocabularies can enhance your language marks. Avoid using the most common word choice, which is ‘decrease’, you can replace it with the following suggestions! [...]

29 11, 2019

DSE English Paper 2 :  Change your sentence using these Connectives ! ( replacing ‘and’ )

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When you are so nervous during the examination, you may repeat the same word again and again. When you want to link up two ideas, what are the other connectives apart from “and”? Do you know how to use it correctly? Check it out from this article!

27 11, 2019

DSE English Paper 2 : Change your sentence using these Connectives ! (replacing ‘but’)

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In the HKDSE English Writing paper, you may need to rephrase the keywords of the topic constantly, and this is the same for connectives! ‘But’ is one of the most frequently used connectives. So, do you know what words can replace it and how should you change the sentence? Let’s check it out below!

27 11, 2019

DSE English Paper 2 : Change your sentence using these phrases! (reasoning)

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When you want to link up the reason with the result, is ‘because’ the first word pops up in your mind? Do you want to paraphrase to enrich your writing articles? If you wish to make your articles more professional, the words below may give you more ideas!

14 9, 2019

DSE English paper : How to use Discourse Marker cleverly!? (For Emphasis)

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When you are writing argumentative articles or trying to persuade people, the language you use is a determining factor in whether your work is outstanding or not. Therefore, what you need are the discourse markers that help you to emphasize your stance and points! Seek the attention of markers and stop acting too ambiguous!

12 9, 2019

DSE English paper : How to use Discourse Marker cleverlys!?  (For Generalization)

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If you want to give a brief conclusion for the points you made, the whole article or the examples, you need to generalize them before introducing the summary, or else, it would be a mess! To keep it tidy and neat in your passage, the discourse markers below can surely help! Remember to jot them down so that you can use it in paper 2, 3 and 4.

10 9, 2019

DSE English paper : How to use Discourse Markers cleverly!? (For Comparison)

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When you are writing about comparisons, without using the term ‘ in comparison’, you can also state it clearly which can win the attention of markers! Introducing the discourse markers below, it helps you to organize your passage and you can probably gain more marks! You can apply them to paper 2 /3/4, and so there is no reason for you not to know more about how to use them wisely!

14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: Striking for 5**! Words to replace ‘strange’

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As DSE paper 2 often mentions about some social phenomenon or discussions regarding policy-making, you may need to point out an absurd point of view from the opposite side. Without using ‘strange’, can you immediately think of other words to replace it? Let’s start with this step and begin with our journey to 5**!

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