21 2, 2023

Do not use “firstly, secondly” in essays again! What are the other connectives we can use to start a new paragraph?

21/2/2023|Categories: DSE, Exam|

It is always common to see “firstly, secondly, lastly” in reports or essays. These connective words no doubt make the passage easier to read and look more organized. Nevertheless, they are too repetitive and dull to read. Wall Street English is going to teach you more effective ways of saying “firstly, secondly”. Let us learn the words together!

17 2, 2023

10 Must-learn vocabulary to express the meaning of “important”

17/2/2023|Categories: DSE, Exam|

The word “important” has been used frequently by students in DSE paper 2 writing exams. However, if one word appears again and again in a passage, it would make the passage dull and boring. Let Wall Street English teach you 10 different expressions of “important”.

16 1, 2023

Common grammatical mistakes found in DSE

16/1/2023|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Grammar mistakes may affect your marks in DSE. It is important to make sure that your writings are error-free. Today, Wall Street English compiled 5 common grammar errors made by DSE students. Let’s see if you made any of these mistakes!

9 1, 2023

What is polysemy? Words that have more than one meaning

9/1/2023|Categories: DSE|

In the DSE, we always come across some words that have more than one meaning. Sometimes, we need to guess the hidden meaning of the words. Today, Wall Street English prepared 5 polysemy words you must know. These words have different meanings when they are in countable form and uncountable form.

30 12, 2022

10 idioms to replace “difficulties”

30/12/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

“Difficulties” is a common word used by DSE students. Are there other expressions to replace “difficulties”? Wall Street English will teach you 10 idioms that you can say when you are in trouble.

15 11, 2022

A guide to writing a letter to the editor (with examples)

15/11/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

How to write a 5** letter to the editor? A letter to the editor is a common genre appearing in paper 2 Writing and paper 3 Integrated skills. This time, Wall Street English will clear out your confusion by providing the sample format and 5**examples for each part.

25 10, 2022

A complete guide to writing argumentative essays

25/10/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

How to write argumentative essays that could earn high marks? Appearing every year in DSE, argumentative essays are always a challenging genre for students. Let Wall Street English provide you with some tips and 5** examples to teach you how to write an outstanding argumentative essay.

20 10, 2022

How to transform informal writing into a formal one? What are the key points when writing a formal essay?

20/10/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Transforming informal writing into a formal one is indeed an issue. Formal writing appears every year in DSE, especially in paper 2 writing and paper 3 Integrated skillls. It is essential for us to learn how to write formal writing. However, many students lose their marks in Language as they fail to use the right formal tone. Let Wall Street English teach you how to write a formal passage.

15 9, 2022

Still using the word “hard-working”? 7 idioms to replace “hard-working”

15/9/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Ever since we were little, we were taught to use the word “hard-working” when we had to describe someone who is motivated to work tirelessly for a long period of time. Learn 7 idioms to describe replace “hard-working” and improve your vocabulary bank!

13 9, 2022

Advanced vocab to help you upgrade your DSE English writing

13/9/2022|Categories: DSE, Exam|

Advanced vocab to help you get 5** your DSE English writing. Brilliant vocabulary plays an important role in getting high marks for your writing in DSE. But a lot of students are still using simple words like “very”, “worsen”, “huge" and fail to get high marks in the language part. To write 5** essays, learn the following high-level words.

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