28 12, 2021

DSE Paper 1: Different emotions in English, understand the author’s different expressions effortlessly! (Words related to surprised)

28/12/2021|Categories: DSE|

We have talked about synonyms of ‘angry’ before, do you remember those five words? This time we would like to share the synonyms of ‘surprised’ with you. We hope this article can help DSE students to have a better understanding of the author's tone and attitude!

23 12, 2021

DSE Paper 2: Are you describing a place that is ‘people mountain people sea’? Here are more words that mean ‘crowded’!

23/12/2021|Categories: DSE|

We are fairly sure that you have heard of the Konglish phrase, ‘people mountain people sea,’ and you all know that it cannot be used in DSE English writing. Consequently, you may use the word ‘crowded’ to describe a place that is full of people, but are there any more synonyms? Learn these 7 words that other students may not know and get a head start on your writing!

22 12, 2021

Should we use ‘some’ or ‘any’ in these following situations?

22/12/2021|Categories: DSE|

‘Some’ and ‘Any’ are the two most used words when we are writing. However, do you know how to distinguish the two words? Today, we are going to talk about some general situations and the three exceptions to utilize these words!

26 11, 2021

DSE synonyms! What can we use apart from ‘quickly’ and ‘slowly’?

26/11/2021|Categories: DSE|

When we are describing the speed or time, we can use words like ‘quickly’ and ‘slowly’. However, the passages in the reading exam might not use these two words, instead they will use difficult words to make it harder for students to read. Therefore, in order to understand those passages, we should also learn their synonyms!

24 11, 2021

DSE Paper 1,2: Can you use ‘by’ to express agreement? Here are 8 ways to use this preposition.

24/11/2021|Categories: DSE|

Speaking of the preposition ‘by’, can you think of the ways in which it can be used? It can be used to talk about transportation, for example ‘I go to school by bus’. Alternatively, it can also be used in passive sentences, such as ‘The question was answered by the teacher’. Apart from these two usages, can you think of any other ways to use the word, ‘by’?

22 11, 2021

DSE English: Avoid using ‘because’ repeatedly in writing, let’s try to use these 8 words instead!

22/11/2021|Categories: DSE|

‘Because’ is a common word used in our writing, such as when we talk about our reasons. To avoid using ‘because’ too frequently, here are a few synonyms to replace this word.

28 10, 2021

DSE Paper 1: Learn to express different emotions in English, and to understand the author’s expressions correctly! (Includes words that related to ‘angry’)

28/10/2021|Categories: DSE|

When you are reading passages, you may often see words that are related to emotions. Yet, have you ever failed to understand the meaning of the words? Even though you have read it again and again, you still don’t understand its meaning. Today let’s talk about 5 words that have the meaning to being ‘angry’!

27 10, 2021

DSE English: Are you feeling tired at school every day? Here are 6 words you can use to replace the phrase, ‘so tired’!

27/10/2021|Categories: DSE|

Whether you are waking up early for school, or doing part-time work during a holiday, we believe many of you will say ‘I’m so tired!’ every day. However, apart from ‘tired’ and ’exhausted’, do you know any synonyms of tired?

26 10, 2021

DSE Reading: 5 Common Homographs! These words have different meanings when they are used in the form of verbs or nouns

26/10/2021|Categories: DSE|

In English, there are a variety of different parts of speech. Do you know any words that can be used in both verb and noun, yet when used differently can have a completely different meaning? Sometimes when you are doing a reading comprehension exercise, you only know the meaning of the word in form of a verb. To master reading comprehension, you should also know the meaning in form of a noun!

29 9, 2021

DSE English: Practical and easy to memorize! Various phrases beginning with prepositions (On, For, From)

29/9/2021|Categories: DSE|

Another article with phrases beginning with prepositions! Here is a question: do you know how we say ‘temporary’ in another way? Is it ‘on/for/from the moment’? Scroll down and find the answer!

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