14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: Striking for 5**! Words to replace ‘strange’

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As DSE paper 2 often mentions about some social phenomenon or discussions regarding policy-making, you may need to point out an absurd point of view from the opposite side. Without using ‘strange’, can you immediately think of other words to replace it? Let’s start with this step and begin with our journey to 5**!

14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: 4 expressions that can replace ‘do not agree with something’

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The secret of getting stars in DSE paper 2 is a rich variety of vocabulary, which means you cannot use the same words or expressions again and again. If you want to write about your disagreement or objection towards an issue, what would you use to replace ‘do not agree with something’ ? You can read on to figure out the answer!

19 7, 2019

DSE應試策略:Paper 2 用字大變身!

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17 7, 2019

DSE應試策略:英文Paper 2必用這6種「因此……」嘅寫法

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人人都想摘星,唔通人人都摘到星!?你又知唔知拎星星嘅秘訣喺點呢?真喺寫完篇文咁簡單?原來,考DSE英文Paper 2果陣加幾個有概括意義嘅關鍵用字,就可以令文章加分,咁摘星就更加容易啦!

15 7, 2019

DSE應試策略:英文Writing Paper 2一用就加分嘅字詞!

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覺得自己Writing language分危危乎嘅你,唔喺唔打算為Vocabulary bank增值吧?!其實唔洗諗得太深,因為總有萬用又加到分嘅Vocabulary等緊你!想知道有咩字詞可以幫你升Grade摘星?   有埋past paper例句,快啲嚟抄低佢喇!   Flex somebody’s muscles 一展所長 You should continue to chase your dream which allows you to flex your muscles as being a vet has always been your passion. 你應該繼續堅持你的夢想,因為它可以讓你一展所長,而成為一個獸醫更一直是你熱誠所在。   Much room for improvement 很多改善的空間   We should admit that there are much room for improvement for the working [...]

12 7, 2019

DSE應試策略:英文Paper 4完美發言全攻略!

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23 5, 2019


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DSE英文要勝人一籌,就要在連接句子嘅副詞上面,落多啲苦工!除咗因果關係,你又識幾多種句子與句子之間嘅連接詞?唔洗驚嘅,喺考DSE前都重有得追,今次就嚟學返「否則」、「不然」可以點講啦!English Paper 2 同Paper 4 嘅past paper都用得!   Otherwise   It is one of the government’s responsibilities to launch campaigns to protect the fading cultures; otherwise, who can save the local food and entertainment cultures for our city. 政府的其中一個責任就是推行各種計劃,以防止文化的消失,不然,沒有誰能拯救這些本地飲食和娛樂文化。   If not   People still have the habit of reading and consider reading as an [...]

21 5, 2019


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你問寫文大忌喺咩?一定喺上文不接下理!咁樣真喺會睇到markers頭都痛!所以連接詞就好好用,適量咁加一加,為你嘅writing paper 同speaking paper錦上添花,話咁易就一箭雙雕!想知有咩連接詞最好用?一齊用past paper實測下啦!

3 4, 2019


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DSE英文 Paper 2 或者Paper 4,都有可能會問到比較類型嘅題目。呢個時候,你就需要用到唔同嘅句式去比較兩件事物!如果你喺唔太識比較又或者喺睇到比較題就腦海一片空白嘅考生,咁呢篇文就可以幫到你去準備考DSE英文Paper 2同Paper 4呢兩份卷! 1) Gone are the days when…Nowadays, … Gone are the days when Asian singers and movies stars were not very appealing to Western countries. Nowadays, they are gaining popularity in Western countries because of the following reasons. 從前,亞洲的歌手和電影明星在西方國家沒有很高的人氣。現在,因為以下的原因,他們逐漸變得受歡迎。 2) In contrast, … In contrast, virtual sport is beyond [...]

28 3, 2019


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