21 4, 2021

8 idioms to describe personality (Part 2)

21/4/2021|Categories: Idioms|

We have taught all of you 8 personalities in English idioms before, do you know how to use them now? Were you able to find the idiom that best describes your personality? If not, let’s learn a few more idioms describing personalities below.

24 12, 2020

8 idioms to widen your horizon!

24/12/2020|Categories: Idioms|

We have introduced 8 common English idioms last time, can you remember all of them? If you cannot, try to use a notebook to jot these new ones down! Here are some brand new idioms!

23 10, 2020

Do you know that the word ‘hot’ is used in many idioms?

23/10/2020|Categories: Idioms|

Every summer is getting hotter and hotter. In July, the very hot weather warning was hoisted for nearly a month. It is really too hot! The word ‘Hot’ can also be used to describe feelings and performance. Let’s learn how we can use the word ‘hot in different ways!

21 10, 2020

8 Idioms to describe personality (Up)

21/10/2020|Categories: Idioms|

In Chinese, there is a saying that one’s personality is hard to change. Inborn personality is different in each person. You may encounter people with different personality even they are twins. In English, there are many idioms that can be used to describe a person. Let’s learn the following 8 idioms about people’s personality!

19 10, 2020

8 English idioms to widen your horizons! (Up)

19/10/2020|Categories: Idioms|

There are many meaningful idioms and proverbs in Chinese. However, if we want to translate them into English, we cannot do it word by word. Therefore, we will now study the English version of the following 8 idioms, so that you can use them in your composition next time!

21 9, 2020

Many food items can appear in English expressions, but their meanings aren’t always taken literally

21/9/2020|Categories: Daily, Idioms, Phrasal-Verbs|

There are many idioms about food, for example the one we always hear is ‘the apple of my eye’. This means the person is adored by someone. Isn’t that fascinating? Let’s learn 8 food idioms today!

24 8, 2020

Learn 6 Useful English Idioms Relating to Job (part 1)

24/8/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation, Idioms|

Use these work idioms in conversation to talk about your job, your working matters, office politics and relationships. All these idioms are connected with the world of work.

27 7, 2020

Use these creepy idioms!

27/7/2020|Categories: Idioms|

You can dress up and wear heavy makeup on the day of Halloween, but there is an easier way to scare people off too! There are a lot of creepy and gross idioms that you can learn. Do you know what  ‘over my dead body’ means? How about the meaning of ‘jumping out of one’s skin’ ? Let’s check out more idioms below.

30 6, 2020

What does ‘to spill the bean’ refer to? Get to know more about the idioms regarding keeping and spilling secrets!

30/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|

Idioms in English are often tricky as they have figurative meanings and the actual meanings. This article is focusing on idioms about keeping and spilling secrets. Do you know how to tell others to keep a secret in idiom? What is the idiom to accuse someone of spilling the secret? What is the true meaning for ‘my lips are sealed’? Is it to keep or to spill the mysterious information? If you want to know about the secrets in these idioms, just click on and find it out!

19 6, 2020

Learning English through idioms : The 10 interesting idioms about flies! (2)

19/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

If you can master the field of idioms, it would be a great surprise to a lot of native speakers, as idioms are a crucial component in English. Do you know the meaning of breaking a butterfly on a wheel? What does it mean to describe people by the idiom ‘bee’s knee’? Let’s click on to check them out!  

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