13 6, 2020

The common English terms for skin care products and cosmetics

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Skincare or makeup can be an essential part of our daily life as we want to keep a good outfit. Have you ever encountered a situation like unable to understand the label on the product? Just click on this article and you can find the common English terms! It can help you to save your time in ‘Google Translate’ when you go shopping!  

8 6, 2020

Special Vocabulary for describing colors!

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After learning some adjectives for illustrating the saturation of colors, there are indeed other special terms that help you to describe specific kinds of color! Let’s check out those extraordinary words for colors in the following passage!

6 6, 2020

Common types of clothing materials (2)

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There are different kinds of clothing materials, it is better if you understand the composition of clothes by reading the label. It allows you to know what kind of clothing materials you like and the way to do laundry. Let’s learn more vocabulary for clothing materials together!

4 6, 2020

Common types of clothing materials (1)

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When you go shopping or talk about clothing with your friends, you may want to mention the clothing materials. Do you know the common types of clothing materials? You can check it out now from the passage below!

15 12, 2019

The MUST-KNOW vocabulary for IELTS!

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The topics in IELTS are of rich variety, requiring different knowledge in diverse areas. Although the question base is broad, there are common topics that candidates can study in advance. This time, the MUST-KNOW vocabulary for school, entertainment and housing are presented in this article!

5 8, 2019

Cookery lesson in English! 12 verbs in cooking that you need to know!(1)

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When you are reading recipe in English, have you ever encountered a lot of verbs that are difficult to understand? Or when you want to describe the process of cooking, would it be difficult for you to do so? Now, let’s take a look at some of the useful cooking verbs!!!

19 11, 2018

IELTS Writing 這樣學!Topic-Based Vocabulary List

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相信大家作文有時都會貼題,不過貼題之外,咁多Topic到底你識幾多必用嘅Vocabulary又喺另一回事!所以貼題必做嘅就喺記埋Topic-Based Vocabularies(題目專用嘅詞彙),咁就貼得開心又放心喇!

27 8, 2018


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11 6, 2018


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4 6, 2018


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