1 8, 2015

8 Ways to Describe HOT

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Apart from saying “it is hot”, what other ways you can use to describe hot? 

2 7, 2015


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以前讀書背生字背到面都青,出到來做嘢,先知原來好多背左嘅字都係屬於正式(formal)用語,如果開口埋開都係講 「increase」、「delay」同 「represent」, 好容易比人覺得你「死古古」。適當地運用以下片語動詞,既casual又大方,今次仲唔飛甩老土!

1 6, 2015

Emoji: Do you know them all?

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Many of us use emoticons every day. Now, imagine a day without emoji. Will you still be able to express how you feel? Read this and you will ;-)   「笑死我」英文點樣講?

1 5, 2015

Seasonal Calendar for Fruits

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What is the best time to eat a banana? 

1 9, 2014

College Essentials

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Have you got everything you need for college? Use this checklist as a guide and get ready for the new school year!

1 8, 2014

Did you play these playground games as a kid?

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1 7, 2014

Summer is here!

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Check out our Summer Fun Guide!

1 5, 2014

Are they your favorite Superheroes?

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Superheroes are fictional, but we do have heroes in reality. A hero is someone who does good things and helps other people. Are there any heroes near you? What do you want to learn from them?

1 4, 2012

Describing Trends

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Describing growth and decline is one of the most important areas in a business presentation. Here’re some useful vocabulary for describing ups and downs of business when making a presentation using graphs and charts.

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