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Discussing Famous Brands

13 Jan (Fri) 3pm Kwun Tong Centre
27 Jan (Fri) 7pm Kwun Tong Centre

Level: Intermediate and above

(Value: HK$1,040) FREE


Experience our interactive English activities. Come and experience the fun-filled events organized by Wall Street English every week. Improve your English through a wide variety of interactive activities devised by our registered teachers. Your school friends want to come too? Bring them along!

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Chinese New Year Origami
   DIY Workshop

   9 Jan (Mon) 7:30pm Causeway Bay Centre

Japanese Cuisine:
   Chilled Tomato Oden

   11 Jan (Wed) 1pm Shatin Centre
   18 Jan (Wed) 6pm Shatin Centre

Kung Hei Fat Choy
   Writing Fai Chun In English

   11 Jan (Wed) 7pm Shatin Centre
   17 Jan (Tue) 2pm Shatin Centre

DIY Glutinous Rice Balls
   Cooking Workshop

   16 Jan (Mon) 7:30pm Causeway Bay Centre

Hand-painted 3D Oil Painting
   17 Jan (Tue) 7pm Kwun Tong Centre

CNY Games: Fish Shrimp Crab
   17 Jan (Tue) 7:30pm Causeway Bay Centre

DIY Stress Relieving Painting Workshop
   27 Jan (Fri) 7:30pm Causeway Bay Centre

IELTS Listening Tips for Success

14 Jan (Sat) 3pm Kwun Tong Centre

Reduced Grammar in Everyday

   3 Jan (Tue) 6pm Kwun Tong Centre

Get to Know English Grammar Tenses
   7 Jan (Sat) 2pm Jordan Centre
   26 Jan (Thu) 1pm Jordan Centre

Speaking Workshop: Moving On:

   9 Jan (Mon) 1pm Jordan Centre
   15 Jan (Sun) 2pm Jordan Centre

Speaking Workshop: Stress Management
   17 Jan (Tue) 1pm Jordan Centre
   18 Jan (Wed) 7pm Jordan Centre

Pronunciation: Reading and Recording
   Sounds in IPA

   12 Jan (Thu) 2pm Kwun Tong Centre
   19 Jan (Thu) 7pm Kwun Tong Centre

Grammar Workshop: So, Such that
   19 Jan (Thu) 8pm Jordan Centre
   27 Jan (Fri) 2pm Jordan Centre

* Free of charge.
* Limited quota, First-come-first-service.
* Please call any of our centres or fill in the above form for registration.