When you are writing about comparisons, without using the term ‘ in comparison’, you can also state it clearly which can win the attention of markers! Introducing the discourse markers below, it helps you to organize your passage and you can probably gain more marks! You can apply them to paper 2 /3/4, and so there is no reason for you not to know more about how to use them wisely!


  • Equally


Equally, marathons are a healthy hobby for young people to develop.


  • In much the same way


I remembered you once told me when you were young, you fought for your dream to become a lawyer too. In much the same way, I am pursuing the future to be a vet.


  • Identically


The Ice Bucket Challenge showed the influential power on social media. Identically, we should take advantage from online platforms to raise money for charity.


  • Same as

Same as the situation in 2016, I think the iPhone will continue to decrease in sales as the majority of Chinese people cannot afford the price of it.


  • Resembling


Closely resembling donating money to charity, giving blood can help the patients who are in need.


                Just make sure if you want to talk about comparisons, choose the discourse marker above!