24 8, 2020

Learn 6 Useful English Idioms Relating to Job (part 1)

24/8/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation, Idioms|

Use these work idioms in conversation to talk about your job, your working matters, office politics and relationships. All these idioms are connected with the world of work.

21 8, 2020

8 phrasal verbs about clothing

21/8/2020|Categories: Daily, Phrasal-Verbs|

Girls usually like dressing up and matching different clothes to build up their own styles. We always use ‘wear’ and ‘remove’ to describe putting on and taking off the clothes. However, there are other words or phrasal verbs we can use to describe this action.

27 7, 2020

Use these creepy idioms!

27/7/2020|Categories: Idioms|

You can dress up and wear heavy makeup on the day of Halloween, but there is an easier way to scare people off too! There are a lot of creepy and gross idioms that you can learn. Do you know what  ‘over my dead body’ means? How about the meaning of ‘jumping out of one’s skin’ ? Let’s check out more idioms below.

30 6, 2020

What does ‘to spill the bean’ refer to? Get to know more about the idioms regarding keeping and spilling secrets!

30/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|

Idioms in English are often tricky as they have figurative meanings and the actual meanings. This article is focusing on idioms about keeping and spilling secrets. Do you know how to tell others to keep a secret in idiom? What is the idiom to accuse someone of spilling the secret? What is the true meaning for ‘my lips are sealed’? Is it to keep or to spill the mysterious information? If you want to know about the secrets in these idioms, just click on and find it out!

19 6, 2020

Learning English through idioms : The 10 interesting idioms about flies! (2)

19/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

If you can master the field of idioms, it would be a great surprise to a lot of native speakers, as idioms are a crucial component in English. Do you know the meaning of breaking a butterfly on a wheel? What does it mean to describe people by the idiom ‘bee’s knee’? Let’s click on to check them out!  

17 6, 2020

Learning English through idioms : The 10 interesting idioms about flies!(1)

17/6/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

There are a larger number of idioms that exist in the English world so it can be one of the interesting ways to learn English without just reciting grammar and vocabulary. Do you know what means by having a bee in your bonnet? Is the fly on the wall describing a real scene? Let’s check them out by learning these idioms about flies!

27 5, 2020

English Grammar Test: 4 Common mistakes when you’re using preposition

27/5/2020|Categories: English Tips, Grammar|Tags: , |

To improve English level, apart from a rich variety of vocabularies and sentence structures, the use of preposition plays a vital role as well. Do you want to know how good is your English? Do you want to talk like a native speaker? Let’s try the following test to see if you would make those common mistakes while using preposition or not!

15 4, 2020

What means by ‘cash cow’? 10 idioms related to money!(2)

15/4/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

Learning idioms is an effective and sounding way to boost your English level! You can impress others by your ability to understand the idioms and your good command over them. Do you know what does ‘just my two cents’ mean at the end of email? Is ‘ on the money’ refer to on top of the money? Let’s check out the useful money idioms together!  

15 4, 2020

What means by ‘cash cow’? 10 idioms related to money! (1)

15/4/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: |

Some say that people may commit crime as they are seduced by money, so money is evil in nature. However, money can be a drive to learn too! There are a lot of idioms related to money that you should know in order to impress others with your proficiency in English! Do you know what does cash cow mean? What does daylight robbery refer to? Let’s take a look at the passage below to find it out!

8 4, 2020

What does it mean by ‘the elephant in the room’ ? Business idioms that make you more native than ever! (2)

8/4/2020|Categories: Idioms|Tags: , , |

Business idioms are quite tricky. If you know about the meaning, it is easy for you to understand, but if you don’t, it would be a mess for you to follow what your coworkers are talking about. Do you know what it means by ‘touch base’? Does ‘no-brainer’ refer to someone who is stupid? The passage below can surely ease your mind!

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