18 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn!(2)

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There are so many idioms about sleeping, and here are the 10 idioms that you must learn! How to wake someone up without saying ‘get up’? Is there idiom that can describe someone wake up and sleep early? What does it mean by getting up on the wrong side of the bed? If you have no clue about the answer to the above question, you can find them below!

16 10, 2019

What does ‘forty winks’ refer to ?10 Idioms about sleeping that you must learn! (1)

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Different people may get used to different kinds of sleeping habits, so the idioms about sleeping are of rick variety too! Do you know how to describe someone who is always moving around during sleep? What are forty winks? How to say someone is staying up all night for doing things? This article can definitely help!

9 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : Phrasal Verbs – to use or not to use?

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In English, many people like to use phrasal verbs when talking and writing.  For many, it is simply easier and more natural to utilize these words.  Some examples might be to look up, ask for, or put off.  Once again, it’s very normal for people to use these phrasal verbs.  However, in a formal setting like an email or a meeting with superiors, it may be better to use formal language.  This sets the tone and makes you seem more professional even though the meaning of the words are exactly the same.

10 7, 2019


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相信你對搭船呢件事並唔陌生,但有關船嘅Idioms你又識幾多?When your ship comes in 喺什麼意思?Burn your boats又可以幾時用?想知多啲,就入嚟睇睇以下嘅Idioms喇!

8 7, 2019


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有冇諗過,英文idioms除咗會同月亮同雪呢類自然嘅景象扯上關係外,原來我哋身體都同idioms息息相關?Find your feet 係叫人搵返自己隻腳?Pain in the neck唔通係頸痛?Weak at the knees即係關節痛?英文idioms裡面所用到嘅生字同整體嘅意思係好唔同架! 見到idioms就千祈唔好亂估!

26 6, 2019


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講起嚟Inversion又點止上次個三種呢!原來So/Such/Only放喺開頭都可以喺Inversion?Inversion嘅Conditional Forms(條件句),你又曉唔曉?

26 6, 2019


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17 6, 2019


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中英文有時會字對字譯,就左估右猜,或者用Google Translate 都可以幫到手,但原來唔少成語諺語會有非一般嘅譯法。

30 5, 2019

實用英語:藉著star idiom說愛你

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唔少hit爆劇集同爆紅電影,都有星星嘅配襯,例如「來自星星的你」、「The faults in our stars」等等,到底星星有咩特別嘅魅力呢?「it's written in the stars」可能喺世上最甜蜜嘅告白?!

29 5, 2019

實用英語:迎接雨季Rain on Parade喺點解?!

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唔洗睇雨勢圖!唔洗上天文台!呢度一定搵得到!雨嘅idioms有好多種,但唔喺個個都識用。Come rain, come shine喺咩意思?When it rains, it pours又可以點用?點樣幽默咁同人講「我唔打算比錢」?原來用rain idiom都可以話人蠢?

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