20 12, 2021

Interesting English: Words that are easy to remember and useful! What are some phrasal verbs related to animals?

20/12/2021|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|

In the past, we shared some idioms that are related to animals, for example, cats, dogs, and pigs. Besides that, there are many phrasal verbs about animals too. They can be used to describe an action or behavior. Let’s learn these English words that are easy to remember!

7 12, 2021

These phrasal verbs will change completely when added sb or sth (part 2)!

7/12/2021|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|

Today, we will talk about 5 more phrasal verbs which will have a different meaning by adding sb or sth! Let us ask you a question, do you remember the difference between ‘take sb in’ and ‘take sth in’? If you cannot remember the difference, review the previous article after reading the article today!

6 10, 2021

Never realized the difference between ‘take sb in’ and ‘take sth in’? They are completely different by adding sb or sth (part 1)!

6/10/2021|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|

In English, the same phrasal verb can have completely different meanings to describe people and things, such as ‘give away’. You may think its meaning is only to give a freebie to sb, but in fact, it has another meaning. Have you heard it before?

20 11, 2020

Adding different words to ‘get’ will create different meanings?

20/11/2020|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|

When different English words combine together, they might have different meanings. When a preposition is followed after a verb, they form a phrasal verb. If different prepositions are added to the same verb, they can have totally different meanings. Let’s learn the following ‘get’ phrasal verb and see whether you know all of them!

21 9, 2020

Many food items can appear in English expressions, but their meanings aren’t always taken literally

21/9/2020|Categories: Daily, Idioms, Phrasal-Verbs|

There are many idioms about food, for example the one we always hear is ‘the apple of my eye’. This means the person is adored by someone. Isn’t that fascinating? Let’s learn 8 food idioms today!

21 8, 2020

8 phrasal verbs about clothing

21/8/2020|Categories: Daily, Phrasal-Verbs|

Girls usually like dressing up and matching different clothes to build up their own styles. We always use ‘wear’ and ‘remove’ to describe putting on and taking off the clothes. However, there are other words or phrasal verbs we can use to describe this action.

14 10, 2019

5 phrases about sleeping you should know!

14/10/2019|Categories: Daily, Phrasal-Verbs|Tags: |

Sleeping occupies one-third of our day, making it so important for us. There are a lot of words that we can use to describe sleeping other than the word ‘sleep’. Let’s check out the words below to make sure you can understand more about your sleeping habits!

9 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : Phrasal Verbs – to use or not to use?

9/10/2019|Categories: Phrasal-Verbs|Tags: |

In English, many people like to use phrasal verbs when talking and writing.  For many, it is simply easier and more natural to utilize these words.  Some examples might be to look up, ask for, or put off.  Once again, it’s very normal for people to use these phrasal verbs.  However, in a formal setting like an email or a meeting with superiors, it may be better to use formal language.  This sets the tone and makes you seem more professional even though the meaning of the words are exactly the same.

26 2, 2018

Keep up 嘅 10 種多變用法

26/2/2018|Categories: Grammar, Phrasal-Verbs|Tags: , , |

估唔到簡單一句 "keep up" 都咁好使好用! 冇錯,keep up 其實有多達 10 種唔同意思-只要配合唔同上下文(context),就表達到截然不同嘅含義! 睇睇以下 10 個 "keep up" 嘅例句啦!

6 7, 2017

帶着Phrasal Verbs去旅行

6/7/2017|Categories: Grammar, Phrasal-Verbs, Travel|Tags: , |

出外旅行,唔少人都鍾意喺 Facebook「打卡」「開心 Share」吓,但如果用錯英文字詞嚟寫就...比較尷尬喇!一於學識以下 8 個同旅行有關嘅 Phrasal Verbs(短語動詞),下次旅行時活學活用!

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