2 7, 2015


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以前讀書背生字背到面都青,出到來做嘢,先知原來好多背左嘅字都係屬於正式(formal)用語,如果開口埋開都係講 「increase」、「delay」同 「represent」, 好容易比人覺得你「死古古」。適當地運用以下片語動詞,既casual又大方,今次仲唔飛甩老土!

1 2, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

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There are many different types of love in the world. Is there someone special in your life? Is there someone you would like to express yourself your feelings to? There are different ways to express your love to another person apart from just saying “I love you”.  Here are some phrases you can use to [...]

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