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19 1, 2018

Two-minute English: Useful Expressions for Offering Help

19/1/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Keep these in mind so, when you see an opportunity, you may make an effort and ask people where they need help.

12 1, 2018

Two-minute English: Asking for Help

12/1/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

It is not a shame to seek a helping hand but you may need to get better at making requests for help. Listen to these simple tips and make people more receptive to your request.

5 1, 2018

Two-minute English: New Year Eve’s Celebrations Across Asia

5/1/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , , |

There are grand and enchanting celebrations all over the world with the start of a new year. Asian countries are no exception. Listen if you are interested in any of these.

29 12, 2017

Two-minute English: 3 English Phrases to Gain Permissions

29/12/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Here’s how people usually ask for permission. Listen and check if you have done it right.

22 12, 2017

Two-minute English: Ways to express gratitude

22/12/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Have you found someone you want to give thanks to? Learn how to say thank you differently.

15 12, 2017

Two-minute English: Make Polite Suggestions

15/12/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , , |

Come here to find different polite ways to give people suggestions.

1 12, 2017

Two-minute English: Thanksgiving Food

1/12/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|

Check out what’s on the classic thanksgiving menu and see if you have done it right.

17 11, 2017

Two-minute English: Time Idioms

17/11/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: |

It is just a matter of time to master English! Listen what our teacher Penny said about idioms related to time.

20 10, 2017

Two-minute English: Don’t know what to order?

20/10/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , , |

Today I’m going to talk about questions that you can ask your waiter at a restaurant.

13 10, 2017

Two-minute English: Four Tips for New Product Launch

13/10/2017|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Today I am going to share 4 tips for new product launch.

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