You can dress up and wear heavy makeup on the day of Halloween, but there is an easier way to scare people off too! There are a lot of creepy and gross idioms that you can learn. Do you know what  ‘over my dead body’ means? How about the meaning of ‘jumping out of one’s skin’ ? Let’s check out more idioms below.


Over my dead body : you will do everything you can to prevent it

He said over my dead body when I tried to ask him to quit.


To dance with the devil : to behave in a risky manner

Working with him is like dancing with the devil, but I don’t have a choice.


To jump out of one’s skin : to be extremely surprised by something

The loud noise made me jump out of my skin.


To make someone’s blood boil

She didn’t take her responsibility properly, making my blood boil.


To smell a rat: something dishonest is happening 

Don’t trust everything she said – I smell a rat!


It is a fantastic day to try these interesting and terrifying idioms!