22 9, 2022

Useful Idioms for the IETLS Speaking Exam

22/9/2022|Categories: IELTS|

If you want to get a band 7 or above in the IELTS Speaking test, you must show the examiner that you have mastered a wide range of vocabulary and know how to use idioms when necessary. However, lots of people know very little about idioms. Today, Wall Street English will provide 7 common idioms that you can use in the IELTS speaking exam to get high marks.

20 9, 2022

IETLS Speaking Part 0: ID check and Greetings

20/9/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Many people focus on the answering skills and simply skip the greetings' part when preparing for the IELTS Speaking test. However, this part is just as important as it may affect the impression you left on the examiner. So, be well prepared and learn how to answer the part 0 question with Wall Street English!

31 8, 2022

How to paraphrase in IELTS exam? 5 methods of paraphrasing

31/8/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Paraphrasing is an essential skill in the IELTS exam. In the writing tasks, we must avoid using repetitive words and phrases. While in the speaking exam, we must paraphrase the questions raised by the examiner. But what exactly is paraphrasing? How do we paraphrase? Paraphrase means to simply repeat something written or spoken by using different words or phrases. It is easy to learn! Here are 5 methods of paraphrasing.

17 8, 2022

How to get high marks in IELTS Speaking? 5 simple tips to extend your answers

17/8/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Students often ask how long the answers should be in the IELTS Speaking Part 1. The key is to keep the answers simple but concrete. Some students may simply respond to the questions straight away without giving any explanations. However, you should extend your answers if you want to get band 7 or above. Wall Street English will provide 5 tips for you to extend your answers in Speaking exams.

9 7, 2022

Must-learn synonyms for “for example”

9/7/2022|Categories: IELTS|

We always need to cite examples of something when it comes to writing or speaking tasks. It is too common to see “for example” in essays. Do you know any synonyms to replace “for example”?

7 7, 2022

How to buy yourself time in IELTS speaking test?

7/7/2022|Categories: IELTS|

In the IELTS speaking test, we often get asked challenging questions that we can’t come up with an answer straight away. In these cases, you do not want to simply stay silent. Here, Wall Street English will teach you not only how to answer the question with confidence, but to know how to give yourself a couple of seconds to think about the questions.

8 6, 2022


8/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|


6 6, 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Common topics and frequently asked questions you have to know (2)

6/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|

In our last article, we mentioned the common questions about education, media and environment. In this article, we will introduce more frequently asked questions. This can boost your confidence and help you to get a taste of these question types!

2 6, 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Common topics and frequently asked questions that you have to know (1)

2/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Most candidates feel nervous about IELTS speaking part 3. The major reason is that the direction of part 3 will follow the flow of part 2, yet the aspect will be much boarder. This part is approximately 5 minutes and candidates need to respond immediately. So, let’s get yourself prepared by looking at the questions below, it will help you get familiarize with these types of questions!

9 5, 2022

Never ask this again! 3 important skills to ask questions!

9/5/2022|Categories: IELTS|

In the IELTS Speaking exams, can we ask questions? The answer is Yes. However, you have to be aware of what questions you can ask and what should be avoided. How to ask questions in a nicer manner? Let’s learn about it in the following passage.

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