Many Chinese old sayings say the beginning of a year is springtime and the start of a day is the morning. Do you know how to express it in English? If we have to restart a job due to the failed attempt, what idiom can we use? What means ‘turning over a new leaf’? Let’s learn the related idioms in the following article!


To go back to square one : you have to start working on a plan from the beginning because your previous attempt has failed completely

The application was turned down by the other company, so we went back to square one.


To turn over a new leaf : to start behaving in a better way

Fortunately, she has turned over a new leaf that she is no longer a drug addict.


To blaze a trail : to do something that has never been done before

With this brand-new software, our company can absolutely blaze a trail in technological development.


To break new ground : to do or discover something new

Seeking ways to break new ground has always been the motto of our company.


A new lease of life : an occasion when you become more energetic and active than before

After travelling to japan for a whole month, I find that sufficient relaxation time really gives me a new lease of life.


Every moment can be a new start, you can apprehend things in the blink of an eye, becoming a new and better person. Can’t wait to see you using the above idioms to describe the brand-new page of your marvelous life!


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