Different people may get used to different kinds of sleeping habits, so the idioms about sleeping are of rick variety too! Do you know how to describe someone who is always moving around during sleep? What are forty winks? How to say someone is staying up all night for doing things? This article can definitely help!


To turn in / to hit the hay : to go to bed

I’m ready to turn in. Can I turn the light off?


Forty winks : a short sleep during the day

She has forty winks on the way to my home since she didn’t sleep well last night.


A night owl : someone who loves to stay up late

Stop being a night owl. You are having dark circles under your eyes.


Pull an all-nighter : staying up all night to work on something

I pulled an all-nighter last night, hoping that I can fix the loophole on time.


Tossing and turning all night : moving around a lot in your sleep

It’s too hot to sleep without air-conditioning. I was tossing and turning all night.


Other than the old saying like “burning midnight oil”, the trending idiom is now “pulling an all-nighter”.  Remember to follow the trend too!


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